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 News 2020 
December 25th 

In that which has been a difficult year for many, we look forward to a New Year which will hopefully hold a new beginning and better health and fortune for all.  To our friends around the world we wish

Our greeting card this year is taken from a 1989 limited edition etching done by Elkhound artist Elaine Oakes.

November 18th - 19th 

A busy few days leading up to a major shipment on Wednesday.  Meeting with a courier, we safely packed up and said a temporary good bye to Ch. Kamgaard Kounterpoint ("Fiona") who then made her way to JFK for an onward night flight to London Heathrow landing the next morning.  Once through the Animal Welcome Center, veterinary and DEFRA checks, she was then couriered north to the home of  her co-owner Vanessa McHugh ("Conrick") who could not personally pick her up due to Covid lockdown in her area.  Once at Vanessa's she headed straight for the couch and hasn't stopped snuggling with everyone since!  She has fit in very well with the Conrick pack and has since met her grandsire, SBIS American Grand/Canadian/UK Ch. Kamgaard Kut Above ("Kobi").

We wish Vanessa much success with her and look forward to an ongoing collaboration.

It appears that she has settled in!!

November 14th 

Great news from Christine Tillburg that "Rogue" has earned his PACH2 title in agility at the Middlesex County Kennel Club trial under judge Sandy Moody.  He is now




October 31st - November 1st 

A double success week-end for Kamgaard Kinky Boots ("Lola") at the Coulee Kennel Club shows in Winona, Minnesota.  She was Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed both days over Champions adding to her point count.  In addition she earned her Puppy of Achievement title from the American Kennel Club.  Once again beautifully handled by co-owner Jaime Simon for owners Ron Denn, Christine Samuelean and Alisa Baretto.


September 25th - 27th 

A new title in Barn Hunt for "Khloe" who is now Kamgaard Kover Girl RATN.  She completed her title at the Happy Feet Canine Agility club in Wisconsin under judge Patty Burgess with one First Place and two Second Places.  Lots of fun and a big learning curve for both co-breeder/owner/handler Claudia Holst.


September 23rd 

With next to no shows to attend in the Northeast, we thought we would enter the second Norwegian Elkhound FUN Online Dog Show.  Photos were sent from around the world in various fun and conformation categories, the beneficiary being Norwegian Elkhound rescue in the United Kingdom.

With many entries we were pleased to win the Puppy Bitch class with "Orla" (Kamgaard Kome From Away)

and then the Open Bitch class with her dam "Marnie" (SBIS GCh. Kamgaard Kintyre)

Seeing these photos side by side we were struck by the similarities at the same time very pleased with their uniform qualities.  The photos of the class winners were shipped off to the Best in Show mystery judge who turned out to be Gary Windsor of the UK and the winner was... for the second time in a row, Marnie's half-brother,

Ellahyde Fine N' Dandi ("Toki")

who is a son of the UK based SBIS American Grand/Canadian/UK Ch. Kamgaard Kut Above ("Kobi")

once again to Toki and owner Danni Medhurst.

Good fun and a great cause!

September 19th 

A beautiful cool autumn day today and we took a drive north with the puppies to attend the Albany Kennel Club's sanctioned match.  At long last a chance to get the youngsters out to experience a show atmosphere and we couldn't have been more pleased with the way they handled themselves.  The judge had a tough call between the two sisters, but in the end chose Kamgaard Klementina ("Klemmie") as her winner and she went on to

win the Puppy Hound Group... a nice ending to a welcome day out!

September 18th 

As you can see, the Kamgaards have been competing in many different disciplines, and here's another and somewhat new one:


In metro Chicago, Marge Kabala has been working with Kamgaard Klassic Mystic Waters ("Brooke") in this interesting field which Elkhounds should be a natural in.  We received this photo today of Brooke and her recent rosettes from a Nosework competition where she had qualifying scores toward her title and placed a very respectable 5th place out of 31 in her class.

Keep up the good work Marge and Brooke!

September 12th 

Back to back specialties today at the Norwegian Elkhound Association of Minnesota produced some GREAT results.  The morning session judged by breeder Libby Parmer-Smith ("Riverwind") saw Kamgaard Kinky Boots ("Lola") going Reserve Winners Bitch and then Winners Bitch at the afternoon session under Camille McArdle DVM ("Citation") for her first major!

In addition to Lola's wins, her kennel-mate GChB Solegia Sangrud Heaven's Light Leo was 


at BOTH events!

"Leo" is owned by Ron Denn, Jaime Simon, Karen Elvin and Kristin Wehking and is sired by Ch. Sangrud Kamgaard Kolbjorn.


September 1st 


once again to Cheryl Cramer who has once again qualified both

Ch. MACH3 Kamgaard Kovered In Grey MXC MJB2 OF T2B ("Grey")


GCh. Kamgaard Kryptic Kharacter MX MXJ OF ("Rune")

for the AKC Agility Invitational later this year.  Not only did they earn the right to compete but were placed 1st and 2nd in the qualifying statistics!

August 28th - 31st 

Twinkle, twinkle little star!

Starting out her show career on her seven month birthday with a splash at the four day Amana, Iowa cluster of shows was Kamgaard Kinky Boots ("Lola") who was Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed at ALL four shows for her first points and additionally 2nd in the Puppy Hound Group the one day it was offered.

We were sent the lovely photo of Lola above from this circuit with co-owner/handler Jaime Simon and feel it shows beautiful balanced movement, not overextended and with perfect foot fall.  This happy baby is owned by Ron Denn, Christine Samuelian and Alisa Barrato along with Jaime.


August 18th 

As the summer passes, there has been little news to report in this new Covid world we've come to know.  We've been busy at home working with puppies trying to continue with their socialization and getting them out to some handling classes now starting back up again.

The one individual in our tribe who has been not resting on his laurels has been "Skipper" who has earned his CGC title, is the highest ranked Norwegian Elkhound for the Do More With Your Trick dog titles, and is now the fastest Norwegian Elkhound in the FAST CAT competitions.  In the meantime, he has had regular swimming routines, participates Barn Hunt competitions as well as doing obedience.  Busy boy!

So with his new titles he is Kamgaard Kick Up Your Heels CGC, TKA, ATT, RATO, ADT

Proud owner handler is Mallory Golladay


May 23rd 

As the Covid 19 pandemic rages on, social gatherings including dog shows have pretty much been cancelled worldwide.  What to do?  An interesting and fun virtual solution called the "Norwegian Elkhound Fun Online Dog Show" was developed in the United Kingdom and in only a few days running had an amazing 332 entries from around the world.  There were various categories, all well supported and judged by various known people all in the breed.  No names were attached to the photos, just submissions of the dogs themselves.

Winning the Veteran Dog class was SBIS American/Canadian/UK Ch. Kamgaard Kut Above ("Kobi") under Elkhound judge Jackie Hodkinson ("Thordell"):

and winner of the novelty Handsome Dog class under Elkhound exhibitor Sarah Thomas was Kobi's son, Ellahyde Fine N' Dandi ("Toki"):

After judging of all the various classes was completed, the photos of the first place finishers were sent to the mystery Best in Show judge who turned out to be noneother than Gill Bingham of Steldawn fame and the winner was...


Gill commented "To me this dog has a beautiful masculine head with well set ears and lovely dark eyes.  He displays the 'bold and fearless expression' called for in the breed standard"


to proud owner Danni Medhurst

May 17th 


(Norwegian Constitution Day)

As we are all hunkered down amidst the Covid19 crisis, it's interesting to hear what people are doing while at home self-isolating.  We have been busy trying to socialize puppies "Orla" (now Kamgaard Kome From Away) and "Klemmie" (now Kamgaard Klementina) without the aid of handling classes or puppy groups to go to.  They are doing quite well and of course are totally unaware there is a pandemic going on.

In the Chicago suburbs, "Skipper" Golladay and his owner Mallory have been earning new titles in the Trick Dog category, so he now officially Kamgaard Kick Up Your Heels RATO ATT ATD.

We received the most charming document from eleven year old "Khloe" (Kamgaard Kovered In Klover) pictured above.  She dictated this to owners Sylvia and Richard Van Cleave and instructed them to email it to us.  It is as follows:

Observations of a Norwegian Elkhound age 11 under Quarantine

Khloe Van Cleave

We have been in quarantine since the third week in March, but from the perspective of the family pet, it is not all bad.  “Stay at home” applies to everyone; therefore, Dad is working from home and I get my back and head stroked a lot more.  Mom no longer volunteers at the Thrift Shop, goes to the city to see shows, plays golf or out to lunch with friends.

Dad takes me out 3 times a day, rain or shine.  Mom takes me for the longer walks, and we have kept my beloved dog walker, Mary to take me for excursions with my friends twice a week.  We keep away from other groups of dogs and in this time of social distancing, crotch sniffing is frowned upon.!  Also for a while, the parks were closed and Mary took us to the world famous Presby Iris Gardens.  Not sure the local Garden ladies would approve!

Mom says that one of the challenges for her is to now have to plan lunch.  Dad seems pleased and I am the beneficiary of tidbits that he passes to me.  Mom frowns upon treats from the table!

Another positive is that I don’t have to wait until the fall to go to church for “Blessing of the Animals.  We can actually all Zoom together on Sunday mornings in the comfort of our family room.

We also get to sleep longer in the morning.  In fact, I have become the family alarm licking Dad’s nose since it is time for my trip outside.  I don’t have the luxury of indoor facilities although I have heard Mom suggest that I learn how to use kitty litter on really bad weather days!

I notice another plus for me.  When Mom & Dad leave, they are gone for less then an hour.  Trips to the food market, pharmacy or take out restaurants are just around the corner and I wait patiently by the back door.  They always look a little silly in masks and latex gloves.  I notice, I don’t get petted until they thoroughly wash their hands while singing Happy Birthday and splash on some hand deodorizer.

I have also noticed another positive aspect of this time at home.  There are many more adorable children playing on the streets.  Neighbors feel safe with them riding their bikes and scooters in our cul-de-sacs.  They wave at me and call my name, but sadly are not allowed to stroke my furry coat.  I still wag my tail to let them know how much I enjoy seeing them at play.

We also have not been to beautiful Vermont during this pandemic.  New Jersey plates are not exactly welcomed in other states these days.  Although I miss not frolicking in the snow and watching for bears and foxes, I have not missed that ride up the Thruway in the back seat of the car!

Finally, as you can see, it has not been all bad if you are the family pet during this pandemic.  I love all the extra attention and I enjoy hugging & kissing my loved ones.

Wishing you all good health and many more happy days

Khloe Van Cleave

Love it, love it! and we can never thank the Van Cleaves enough for all their love of and devotion to Khloe, giving her a new life and a forever home.

April 12th 

A long gap between postings and here we are at Eastertime.  A happy email was received from Kamgaard Northern Silver Spirit ("Koda") from Canada wishing his littermates Marnie, Jack, Ruby, Adele and Rune a blessed Easter along with birthday greetings... six years old on the day! 

Much of our time in the past few weeks has been consumed with puppies and getting them ready for send off to their new homes.  Working around the Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenge and necessitated a little maneuvering but in the end, three puppies have left the nest and are thriving in their new homes.

                                                    "Bree"                                              "Lola"                                             "Stella"

Remaining at Kamgaard are two;

                                                                    "Orla"                                                                  "Klemmie"

(photos taken at 10 weeks)

They are great time consumers but in these days of uncertainty, they are a source of pride, happiness and hope for the future.

We have been heartened by the many messages and calls "just checking up on you" and genuine concern for our welfare in a state the virus is a hotbed.  We thank you all and have returned the favors by checking in with our friends worldwide who thankfully are all well.

Stay safe everyone! 

March 8th 

A big shout out today to a relative "across the pond" triumphing at the world's largest dog show,

A remarkable win for Norvin Joyeux Noel and happy owners Wendy and Keith Threadgold

"Darcy", a granddaughter of our Ch. Horizon Rock Solid and Ch. Kamgaard Kiamesha won her very first Challenge Certificate under breeder-judge Jerry Daly ("Ennafort") of Ireland.


February 29th - March 1st 


Two new specialty wins for Kamgaard Kick Up Your Heels RATO at the Greater Milwaukee Norwegian Elkhound Association over the week-end.  "Skipper" was Winners Dog at both specialties; Saturday under Mr. Richard Miller and Sunday under Mr. Eugene Blake ("Aurora") to add to his point count.  Recently he also attained the AKC title of ATT which is a temperament test with various categories, passing the test with flying colors at the Cudahy Kennel Club under judge Karin Magnuson.

CONGRATULATIONS to Mallory Golladay and Skipper!!

While Skipper was doing his thing in Wisconsin, his niece "Rune" scored big in New Jersey agility winning her final Masters title -- Masters Standard at the Delaware County Kennel Club under judge Dave Hirsch.

CONGRATULATIONS  to Cheryl Cramer and Rune who is now officially

GCh. Kamgaard Kryptic Kharacter MX MXJ OF

February 14th 


We've gotten Valentine wishes from two handsome guys today!


The "Canadian Cupid" Kamgaard Northern Silver Spirit ("Koda") is left and his nephew

Kamgaard Kan You Kuddle Me Now ("Bennie") is on the right.

February 11th 

A great night for celebrating a tremendous accomplishment by two very special people we are proud to call friends.

To Chrystal and Paul Clas we raised a toast to their


at the one and only Westminster Kennel Club with the fabulous "Siba" - Ch. Stone Run Afternoon Tea CD.

It couldn't have happened to a nicer and harder working couple or a more deserving, sound and beautiful Poodle.

We are THRILLED for you!!!

January 28th 

One integral component of being a preservation breeder is not only making the best breeding choices using the current crop of available stock, but harvesting and storing semen from outstanding breed "contributors" to use in future generations.  Theriogenology within the canine world is fascinating and when you find the right individuals to work with your breeding dreams and plans, the positive outcomes can be wonderfully rewarding.  

Thanks to the forward thinking of the late Dr. Daniel Burnside of the Quakertown Veterinary Clinic in PA who got us started on this journey over twenty years ago and currently Dr. Eric Hartelius of the Rondout Valley Veterinary Associates in NY in tandem with Dr. Mary Stankovics of Straws To Paws in NJ, we are rejoicing to at long last have puppies which we only dared to dream about.

Using twenty plus year old frozen semen from our top winning and producing

SBIS/UBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Windy Cove Norgren Wild Pride ("BS")

to our lovely

SBIS American Grand Ch. Kamgaard Kintyre ("Marnie")

we were blessed in the wee small hours with five uniform and health bitch puppies;

It takes a village but with great thanks to all involved, here's hoping these girls will be ongoing breed contributors as well.  Meanwhile we are just enjoying them and SOOOOO thankful they are here safe and sound!

January 26th 


go out today to Margie Kabala and Edith Finsaadal and their

Kamgaard Klassic Mystic Waters ("Brooke")

on her

at the Chain O Lakes Kennel Club show under Dr. Camille McArdle.


January 15th 


Happy news received today from Christine Tilburg of Maine that she and "Rogue" got mail!  A certificate from the American Kennel Club confirmed that Rogue was the top Preferred Norwegian Elkhound in Agility for 2018.  Apparently these are not awarded until the end of the following year, thus a little "late but great!"


January 12th 

Not exactly the way we would like to start our notes for the New Year, but the inevitable part of having and loving our Elkhounds is having to say good-bye when the time comes.  To Patty and Dale Johnson we send our sympathy on the loss of 13+ year old Kamgaard Kindi's One And Only.  "Kindi" led an incredible life and was one of the first entries in our Everyday Life tab modeling her "doggles."

Rest In Peace Kindi  

January 1st 

Happy New Year to our Elkhound friends around the world!

May your year be one of health, happiness and fulfillment of your dreams.

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