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 News 2013 
December 25th 

To all our friends around the world, we wish you a blessed Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year!

December 13th-15th 

From sunny and warm Orlando, Florida came good news from the AKC Eukanuba National Agility Championships.  Fourth highest placing Norwegian Elkhound and Top Scoring Norwegian Elkhound with a Conformation Title was "ZigBee" - Ch. Kamgaard Katch The Buzz RE MX AJX OF.  He is pictured below right with his girlfriend MACH Hallie Daisy RE MXB MJS NF T2B2 who was second highest placing Norwegian Elkhound and proud owner handlers Pete Bojan and Toni Sibrel.

A great end to an exciting year -- CONGRATULATIONS!!!

November 26th 

A few thoughts on this Thanksgiving week along with some more well-earned Congratulations...

First of all, to Will Croxford in the United Kingdom we send MEGA HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on his recent win of the UK Junior Handling Association Final held with his Kriega grandson, BIS Irish/UK Ch. Whittimere Pandemonium ("Odin").  Will will now represent all of the U.K. in the international competition at Crufts in March.  Watch the finals video and Will's interview here:

A recent email from Christine Tilburg -- "Just received a certificate in the mail notifying me that "Rogue" has some new letters - Versatile Norwegian Elkhound.  He obtained that status from the Norwegian Elkhound Association of America by titling in two different programs (Rally and Agility)... so he's now

Kamgaard Katch The Wave RN NAP NJP, VNE"

...and lastly, we would like to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Take a minute to pause and reflect on your blessings and all that you have to be thankful for.

Maggie and Sally

November 16th-17th 

BIG CONGRATULATIONS went on Saturday to Kamgaard Koalition Forces ("Kendrik") and his co-owner/handler Kathleen Hamilton for picking up his second major at the Lima Kennel Club in Ohio, going Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a 3 point major under Mr. Peter C.J. Martin.   Kathleen, your hard work and persistence is paying off -- continued success!

...and on Sunday another happy email from Christine Tilburg from Maine to say that "Rogue" completed his Novice Jumpers Preferred title in agility today "totally beating me around the course"!  All three qualifying scores came with 1st places, too.  He is now

Kamgaard Katch The Wave RN NAP NJP

Go Rogue!

November 8th - 10th 

Our annual pilgrimage to Swedesboro, New Jersey started mid morning on Friday to go and help Garden State Norwegian Elkhound Club members set up for our annual agility trial.  A long trip and several days of hard work, but in the end, a very lucrative experience for our club.  Of course it's not ALL work and we do get some happy moments and time out:

(left to right GSNEC members Ray Peterson, Sally Simmonds, Cheryl Cramer and Maggie Mott)

THANKS to all the GSNEC members and Elkhounders who came out to work and make yet another trial a great success... and super to see FIVE Elkhounds running this week-end.

November 7th 

All postings are not always happy ones and today we share this message from the Boyds in Canada:

Hi Maggie and Sally,

We have bid farewell to our beautiful, perfect prince, "Silver Skye" and have taken him back to his happy place in the forest at our cottage. We were very blessed to enjoy Skye for 14 1/2 years and we cherished him every day.  He was truly a dog lover's dog, fiercely loyal, warm and affectionate, with that Elkhound streak of independence thrown in. We are very, very sad indeed.

We want to thank you both for all the work you do for Norwegian Elkhounds. We hope to have another Elkhound in our lives and will keep in touch.

Kind regards,
Eric, Cathy & Allison
Kamgaard Silver Skye
Rest in peace, Skye ... you were SO loved.
October 26th-31st 

Good news was received on October 27th from an excited Christine Tilburg that "Rogue" completed his NAP title in agility as her first dog to ever go 3 for 3 in Standard in his first runs.  His first leg was earned at the Mayflower Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club and the second and third legs this week-end came at the Colonial Shetland Sheepdog Club with all 3 first runs being 1st place in his class!!  He is now

Kamgaard Katch The Wave RN NAP

CONGRATULATIONS, Christine and "Rogue"!!!


In the spirit of Halloween, CONGRATULATIONS to "ZigBee" (Ch. Kamgaard Katch The Buzz RE MX AJX OF) and his friends "Taavi" and "Hallie Daisy" on winning the John Nelsen Moosedog "Howl O'Ween" contest masquerading as the Village People:

A little photoshopping going on here!

October 19th - 20th 

Although we were unable to go to one of our favorite specialty week-ends, the Norwegian Elkhound Association of Minnesota gathering, we were happy to have a phone call on Saturday night from Kristi Wehking to announce that her Sangrud Kamgaard Kolbjorn ("Teddi") was Winners Dog and Best of Winners for his third major to complete his Championship!  Pushing him hard for the points was his young nephew, Kamgaard Kaministiquia of Wrathwood ("Trac") who was Reserve Winners Dog owner-handled by Lynda Tarnowski.  CONGRATULATIONS, boys!  Breeder-judge today was Mrs. Sally Berger ("Galena Creek").

Meanwhile in New England, making his agility debut this week-end was Kamgaard Katch The Wave RN with owner Christine Tilburg.  "Rogue" won his first Novice Standard leg with a score of 95, a First Place and lots of wiggly enthusiasm which is contagious!  CONGRATULATIONS and continued success!

Watching the videos of young Rogue make us smile as he reminds us so much of his dam "Kasey" and grandsire "Kriega."  The apples don't fall far from this family tree!  Speaking of Kriega, we must send an overseas BIG CONGRATULATIONS to his son, SBIS English/Irish Ch. Kestos I Spy at Graythor ("Kris") who this week-end was one of very few individuals invited to compete at the prestigious Eukanuba Champion Stakes Final, the winner to represent the United Kingdom at the Eukanuba World Challenge in Orlando, Florida in December.  Although he didn't win the competition, Kris represented the breed well as always and for so many years has been an outstanding "goodwill ambassador" for Elkhounds as well as being the breed's top Challenge Certificate winner of all times in the U.K. with an amazing total of 61 CC's presently.  Looking, dapper, Brian!

Another Kriega grandson, English Ch. Kestos Nightcap of Skogly ("Archie") was Best in Show at the Norwegian Elkhound Club of Scotland specialty on Saturday under breeder-judge Nev Simms ("Elverdal").

Thanks, Kriega for having such a world-wide influence in so few breedings -- your presence will be felt for a very long time and we miss your sunny smile.

October 13th 

Another beautiful autumn day (make us wonder what are we going to "pay" for all these beautiful days come winter?) found us driving to the New Jersey State Fairgrounds in Augusta, NJ for the Ramapo Kennel Club show which was a supported entry of our Garden State Norwegian Elkhound Club.  Judge for the day was Mrs. Joan Goldstein ("Gold Dust") and she found her Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed in our Kamgaard Kaaterskill ("Rosie") for another point.  A club meeting and picnic followed and we had a leisurely trip home stopping at some farm stands and taking "Rosie", her sister "Siri" and oldster "Sophie" who had come along for the ride for a walk on the Delaware River at Milford Beach.  Siri thought the water was fine while the other two wanted no parts of it.  Thank Heavens we had lots of towels with us!

October 4th-6th 

The Eastern Elkhound Extravaganza had FINALLY arrived!  Both of us had worked with a wonderful committee of members from the Garden State Norwegian Elkhound Club and the Norwegian Elkhound Club of the Potomac Valley for over a year, and the big week-end was at hand.  Would it all go as planned?  Would everyone be pleased?  Did we think of every little thing possible?

The preparations started early in the week with Maggie picking up Linda Atcheson from Bermuda at Newark Airport.  Linda would serve as a ring steward on Saturday and Sunday and decided she needed a visit north anyway.  Grooming for the next few days, prepping SIX (what was I thinking?!?) dogs and blast off to Delaware on Thursday morning with two vehicles laden down with dogs, crates, equipment, suitcases, club materials, trophies, etc.

Good entries in the high seventies for these two clubs who dubbed this week-end "A More Perfect Union" in tribute to their north-south heritages and the logo created reflected this:

Friday was the turn of the NECPV to hold their specialty with Mrs. Teena Bishop ("Glede") judging Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes and Mr. Boo Lundstrom from Sweden doing the regular classes.  Lots of good wins and placements for our dogs in many classes.  The highlights were Best of Opposite Sex to Best Puppy in Sweepstakes to Kamgaard Kiamesha ("Siri") who also won her Bred By Exhibitor class.  Best of Opposite Sex to Best Veteran in Sweepstakes to SBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kommander In Chief ("Jag").  Reserve Winners Bitch to Powdermill Remember Me ("Poppy").  Younger and older Veteran class wins for Ch. Graafin Klearly A MsChief Mkr and her dam Ch. Kamgaard Kapri at Graafin.  The Brood Bitch class was won by Ch. Kamgaard Kekekabic with her look-alike-clones Kiamesha and Kaaterskill.

Saturday was a more laid back day for the co-hosted Utstilling (Norwegian style evaluation show) with American breeder Karen Elvin ("Sangrud") officiating.  We were SO proud of the performances of all our dogs here with the eventual BIR (Best of Breed) going to 11 year old BIS/SBIS/nowUBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kristorn CD RA CGC ("Holle") who looks, moves and acts like a youngster.  Just as pleased with the BIM (Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed) winner in our co-owned and co-bred Horizon Rock Solid ("Rock") who came from the Open Dog class to top all of the Champions in winning this honor.  Great to see 13 year old Ch. Kamgaard Konscious Kontact ("Rugger") strutting his stuff in the "Vintage Veterans" class.  We wish him and his "mom" Carol all the best in their new home in Colorado.  You WILL be missed!  The final bitch line up was a picture of consistency with Kristorn in the top spot followed by SBIS/UBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kameo Appearance ("Kami") in second, then SBIS American Grand/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kase In Point ("Kasey") in third, followed by 13 year old SBIS/UBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kapri at Graafin ("Bunny")...enough to bring tears to some and making our hearts swell with pride.  "Golden Girls" for sure!  If that wasn't enough, we brought into the Breeder's Class a group of thirteen of our finest to the cheers of many and an awaited photo op. 

Sunday was the turn of our Garden State Norwegian Elkhound Club.  Isn't it odd how each morning it gets a little more difficult to get going on these long week-ends?!  But another full and warm day awaited us and this time the judging honors fell to Dr. Duane Butherus ("Ararat") for the Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes and Mr. Eivind Mjaerum ("Mjaerumhogda") of Norway for the regular class judging.  Best Puppy in Sweepstakes to Kamgaard Kiamesha ("Siri"), Best Veteran in Sweepstakes to BIS/SBIS/UBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kristorn CD RA CGC ("Holle") with Best of Opposite Sex to Best Veteran in Sweepstakes once again going to SBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kommander In Chief ("Jag").

In the regular classes, a nice Bred By Exhibitor Dog class win for Horizon Rock Solid ("Rock"), followed by the Open class being won by his half-brother, Kamgaard Kalypso King of Dandee ("Strykker") who went on to Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a big 5 point major.  Congratulations, Dee!... so nice to see the both of you back in the ring after a long absence.  First in the 12-18 month Bitch class to Kamgaard Kaaterskill ("Rosie") followed by her litter sister Kamgaard Kiamesha winning the Bred By Exhibitor Bitch class and then ultimately Reserve Winners Bitch.  Veteran class wins again for Ch. Graafin Klearly A MsChief Mkr ("Twinkle") and her dam SBIS/UBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kapri at Graafin ("Bunny") with Twinkle going on to Select Bitch.  Only three Awards of Merit were awarded, with one to SBIS American Grand/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kase In Point ("Kasey").  And to finish off the day, Sally proudly showed the clones Kiamesha and Kaaterskill to first place in the Brace class.

Judging from the comments we have heard, everyone enjoyed the events, the camaraderie, the learning opportunities and the fellowship.  It was a very special time.

              ...and while we were running around the Utstilling ring on Saturday, "Miss Grey" went off to the nearby agility trial of the Wilmington Kennel Club earning her AX title with yet another First Place in her class under judge Mary Mullin.  She is now

Ch. Kamgaard Kovered In Grey AX AXJ OF

and will now start work toward her MACH/Invitational/National titles.  She also made a creditable showing in the breed ring on Sunday to show that Elkhounds CAN do it all!

Our thanks go to all the helpers we had this week-end... we couldn't have done it without you!

September 28th 

A jewel of an autumn day found Maggie and "Poppy" (Powdermill Remember Me) rising early and driving to the Suffolk County Kennel Club show on Long Island, New York.  Judge for the day was Mrs. Priscilla Gabosch and she found Poppy to be her Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed for 2 points toward her Championship.

Coming home to more good news, we found that "Grey" had competed in an agility trial and achieved her AXJ title with a very nice run in a difficult course:

She is now Ch. Kamgaard Kovered In Grey OA AXJ OF and can start earning her MACH points.

CONGRATULATIONS, Cheryl and Grey!!!

...and to top it all off, we had an email from Australia to say that American/Australian Ch. Kamgaard Kutting Edge ("Seth") had recently won Best of Breed at the Adelaide Royal Show under Mr. Kenneth Edh of Sweden and attached was the following photo:

Looking good and starting to come into maturity!  CONGRATULATIONS to "Seth", Craig and Anna-Lee!

Some days are diamonds!

September 7th-8th 

A beautiful day awaited us on Saturday at the Somerset Hills Kennel Club show in New Jersey which is always one of the favorite shows on the calendar.  A day filled with memories of when Maggie showed an Elkhound here for the very first time FIFTY years ago!  Kamgaard's foundation bitch, Crafdal Tryglik Tina went to her first show here and earned her first point from the Puppy Bitch class as Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed.  Where does the time go?!?

On Saturday, there was a supported entry of the Garden State Norwegian Elkhound Club complete with picnic and meeting after the judging and everyone was having a good time.  Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed for a three point major went to our Powdermill Remember Me ("Poppy") -- her first points.  Select Dog went to our SBIS American Grand/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kut Above ("Kobi") and our judge was Mr. Hiroshi Kamisato from Japan.

On Sunday, we heard from Cheryl Cramer that Ch. Kamgaard Kovered In Grey OA OAJ OF ("Grey") got her second Excellent JWW leg at the Tail Blazers Agility Club trial in Bridgeport, New Jersey and was first in her class as well.  Great going, team!

Gotta love New Jersey!

August 23rd 

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS go out today to Toni Sibrel, Pete Bojan and

Ch. Kamgaard Katch The Buzz RE MX AJX OF

as we learned that they have qualified to be one of five Norwegian Elkhounds invited to compete at the AKC National Agility Championships in Orlando, Florida this December!!!

GO, ZigBee!!!

While on the subject of agility, we are also proud to announce that "Grey" completed her Open FAST title today at the Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club under judge Scott Stock.  She is now

Ch. Kamgaard Kovered In Grey OA OAJ OF


August 10th 

Not a lot of action going on show-wise over the summer months here as dogs are in all stages of undress, but they have seemingly turned the corner and have been out shopping for new fall wardrobes, so we will return to the ring once they are looking respectable again.  Meanwhile in the southern hemisphere where it is winter, "Seth" (American/Australian Ch. Kamgaard Kutting Edge) has been chalking up some nice wins in Australia.  The following list was recently received from proud owner/handler Craig Evans:

May 18 - Temora & District All Breeds K.C. - Runner Up Best of Breed and intermediate in group - Judge Mrs. J. Williams (New South Wales)

July 14 - Bungendore & Palerang District All Breeds K.C.  - Best of Breed and intermediate in breed, 1 of 4 shortlisted for the group - Judge, Mr. R. Greer (New Zealand)

July 19 - North of the Harbour All Breeds K.C. - Best of Breed, 1 of 6 shortlisted for the group - Judge Mr. Seamus Oates (Ireland)

July 20 - North of the Harbour All Breeds K.C. - Best of Breed - Judge Mrs. Rita Kadike Skadina (Latvia)

July 27 - Harden Murrumburrah K.C. - Best of Breed, 1 of 4 shortlisted for the group and intermediate in group - Judge Mrs. M. Clegg (Victoria)

July 28 - Harden Murrumburrah K.C. - Best of Breed - Judge Mr. R. Watson (Tasmania)


Last week-end saw three new Best of Breed awards for Kamgaard Kaministiquia of Wrathwood at the Lakehead Kennel Club shows in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.  Meanwhile, litter sister Kamgaard Kalistadora won Best in Sweepstakes at the Greater Cleveland Norwegian Elkhound Club Specialty show and their sire SBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kodiak Snowbear was Best Veteran in Sweepstakes, both under Suzanne Vessella as well as "Kodiak" collecting a Select Award in the regular classes of the specialty under Mr. Jay Richardson.


July 11th 

A good day for two of the Kodiak x Kekka yearlings who gained their first American points today.

At the Cuyahoga Valley Hound Association Specialty show in Ohio, Kamgaard Kalistadora ("Dora") was Winners Bitch and Best of Breed at her very first show under Hungarian judge, Mr. Atilla Czegledi.  In doing this, she defeated her sire, SBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kodiak Snowbear ("Kodiak") who was Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed.  Kodiak went on to win Best Veteran in the Hound Group Sweepstakes under Dr. Anne Midgarden.  Congratulations to Mary Jo Benedetti who owns and shows both!  Meanwhile in Minnesota at the Duluth Kennel Club, Dora's littermate "Trac" (Kamgaard Kaministiquia of Wrathwood) picked up his first point in his U.S. debut under Mr. Jim Frederiksen.


July 7th 

Not a lot of news to report lately -- it seems we have all just been busy dealing with the heat and humidity issues and keeping dogs cool.  One bit of good news and a video which makes us smile is that of "Grey" (Ch. Kamgaard Kovered In Grey OA OAJ NF) getting her first Excellent Standard leg in agility today at the Lower Camden Dog Training Club under judge Michele Fletcher.

Great run and such a happy worker!

Yeah, Grey!!

June 21st - 23rd 

Birthdays and more birthdays!

Celebrating her 13th birthday on Friday was our SBIS Ch. Kamgaard Kuddledown ("Sophie") who spent a quiet day at home with her two and four legged friends and had some extra special chicken morsels to celebrate with!  She is still very much the "queen bee" here and runs her household very nicely, thank you!!

Three days of shows in Canada for young Kamgaard Kaministiquia of Wrathwood ("Trac") at the Argus Kennel Club winning Best Puppy in Group on Friday under Robert Verhulst and on Saturday under Larry Kereluke who awarded him a 4th in the regular Hound Group as well for another point toward his Canadian title.  Hard to believe that Trac and his littermates turned a year of age on Sunday -- time flies!  We are really pleased with the way this youngster is maturing with full credit to Lynda Tarnowski for his training, conditioning and grooming.

Celebrating her birthday a little early was Trac's sister "Bella" (Kamgaard Kordelia Bella Cove) who sent this photo of her vacation in Maine.

Lucky girl!

June 8th 

Rain, rain, and more rain!  We were seriously starting to doubt if the Greenwich Kennel Club show in Norwalk, Connecticut was going to be held on Saturday due to major flooding in the area.  Luckily being near the coast the ground is sandy, no vehicles were allowed on the grounds until morning, and the show was delayed an hour...amazingly the show went on without a hitch and the grounds were beautiful.  Elkhound and group judge was Ms. Nikki Riggsbee who has been owned by a few Elkhounds in her lifetime!  Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed for 2 points to finish her Championship was Kamgaard Kovered In Grey OA OAJ NF ("Grey") who we have been kidding about adding those "alphabet soup" letters to the end of her name... well, now she has some new ones in the front of her name as well.  Grey finished with three majors and all of her points came from the Bred By Exhibitor class, so she will qualify for the AKC medallion given for this.  Being shown for the first time in over a year was "Kobi" (SBIS American Grand/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kut Above) who was Best of Breed and later went on to place 4th in a strong Hound group!!  Wonderful day!!!

Driving home and stopping to meet Grey's "other mother" Cheryl who happily took home her new Champion, I could not help but think about someone who I just knew was smiling from above and that would have been Lana Hall who was Grey's original owner until her untimely death.  Lana loved her dearly and had so many hopes for her "Greybaby" as she called her.  Life doesn't always go as planned and one of the job descriptions a breeder has is to pick up the pieces and try to make lemonade from lemons and try we must.  Can't think of a better place for Grey to be!

May 31st - June 2nd 

Cheryl Cramer and "Missy Grey" have been playing alphabet soup and have been adding letters to her name once again!  At the combined agility trials of the Talbot Kennel Club (Friday/Saturday) and the Salisbury Kennel Club (Sunday) in Maryland, "Grey" accomplished the following:

Friday -- her first Open FAST leg with a 4th place

Saturday -- her third Open Standard leg, completion of her Open Standard title with a 1st place

Sunday -- her second Open FAST leg with a 2nd place and her first Excellent JWW leg with a 1st place

Judge on Saturday was Linda Syner and on Sunday it was Bob Jeffers.  Linda Syner????

Heck... we'd know that Hawaiian shirt anywhere!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Cheryl and Kamgaard Kovered In Grey OA OAJ NF


and... CONGRATULATIONS to Claudia and Dan Holst and Kamgaard Kut To The Point ("Gibbs") who was Winners Dog for a point each day at the Fox River Valley Kennel Club shows in Woodstock, Illinois.  Judge on Saturday was Eugene Blake and Sunday was the turn of Dr. Judith Newton ("Solari").

May 28th 

Our chief complaint with dogs is that they are just not designed to last long enough.  While Elkhounds live long lives compared to many breeds and most of ours live well into the "double digit club" as we like to call it, it's somehow never long enough.  It seems we have been posting many condolences of late and sadly must add another one in Lisa and Ray Peterson's "Obie" a/k/a Ch. Elvemel Millennium Star.  Just a few weeks shy of 13, "Obie" was bred by the Petersons and Kamgaard out of SBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Klearly Proud ex Ch. Kamgaard Knickleodeon and was a litter brother to our SBIS Ch. Kamgaard Kuddledown.  Thoughts go out to Lisa and Ray on this sad day.

Photo of "Obie" taken on his 12th birthday.

May 18th-19th 

What a fabulous week-end again in the east, midwest and north of the border!!!  Saturday started out in the east at the Norwegian Elkhound Club of the Potomac Valley specialty show held in conjunction with the Mattaponi Kennel Club show in Manassas, VA.  Just two Kamgaard entries but they did us very proud with Kamgaard Kaaterskill ("Rosie") first winning Best in Sweepstakes under Mr. Gary Fisher and later Winners Bitch under Mr. John Wade for her first points from the Puppy class.  Winning her third Specialty Best in Show was our SBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian GCh. Kamgaard Kase In Point ("Kasey") who put on her usual nonstop show both in the breed and later in the group earning an additional 4th in the Hound Group under Mr. Larry Sinclair.

Moving to the midwest, there was a happy call midafternoon from Dareth Stonebraker that Kamgaard Koalition Forces ("Kendrik") was Winners Dog and Best of Winners at the Kokomo Kennel Club in Indiana for another 2 points toward his title under Ms. Bonnie Threlfall ("Edgewood").  Kendrik followed up this win the following day with the same wins under Mr. Kent Delaney for another 2 points, so at 10 months of age, he is clipping right along and checking those points off!

Meanwhile, north of the border at the Sault Saint Marie Kennel Club in Ontario, Rosie and Kendrik's litter brother Kamgaard Kaministiquia of Wrathwood ("Trac") picked up 3 more points toward his Canadian title under Mr. Ron Mahon as well as winning two Best Puppy in Hound Group awards under Mr. Michael Hill ("Akarana") and Mr. Mahon.  These three littermates and sister "Siri" are cookin!!!!

At the same set of shows in Ontario on Saturday the winner of the Hound Group also under Mr. Hill was none other than Lisa Bank handling her Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kommander Keeno!!!  (pictured in Best in Show below)



what an honor to have Kamgaard dogs (cousins) in both Best in Show rings!!!

...and amidst all of the conformation triumphs, Cheryl Cramer reported that Kamgaard Kovered In Grey NA NAJ NF ("Grey") got a qualifying score in the Open Standard class of the trial she attended on Saturday along with an added bonus...not only did she get first place in 20", but she was the ONLY dog in the entire class -- all jump heights -- to Q!!!

to you all and THANKS for making us very proud breeders!!!

May 3rd-5th 

Another great week-end with more wins for Kamgaard Elkhounds here and afar...

On Friday at the Staten Island Companion Dog Training Club agility  trials, "Missy Grey" as owner Cheryl Cramer calls her won her Open Jumpers title with a score of 195 and a 2nd place.  Showing progress each and every week, her runs are getting more concise and faster all the time.  She is now

Kamgaard Kovered In Grey NA OAJ NF



Nothing could be finer than a trip down the Delaware River in the springtime and once again it was time to take that beautiful ride to the Bucks County Kennel Club show on Saturday.  The entry though small was a supported entry of the Garden State  Norwegian Elkhound Club and the weather was picture perfect.  Best of Breed once again to SBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kase In Point ("Kasey") under judge Dr. Edna Martin ("Kaihorn/Full Circle") and standing next to her in the final line-up was puppy "Rosie" (Kamgaard Kaaterskill) who was Winners Bitch and Best of Winners as well as being Best in Sweepstakes under Mrs. Jacqueline Rayner.  Best of Breed Owner Handler and Best Veteran in Sweepstakes to American/Canadian Ch. Graafin Klearly A Ms. Chief Maker ("Twinkle"), owned by Ginger Leeuwenburg and co-bred by her and Kamgaard.  Twinkle's dam, "Bunny" (SBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kapri at Graafin) graced us with her presence and showed us all how everlasting she is at age 13.  A quartet of lovely girls to be proud of!


This week-end, young Kamgaard Kaministiquia of Wrathwood ("Trac") made his debut in Canada by attending the three shows of the Lakehead Kennel Club.  Unfortunately, he was the only Elkhound, so Best of Breed all three days... however, he "cashed in" on Sunday winning a 3rd in the Hound Group as well as Best Hound Puppy in Group under Mr. Ray Smith ("Tanaray"):

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Lynda and Jim Tarnowski on this great win... so proud of all of you and especially this classy guy!

April 27th-28th 

A good show week-end here, there and everywhere!

Taking some time out from her busy agility career, "Grey" (Kamgaard Kovered In Grey NA NAJ NF) traveled with Maggie to the South County Kennel Club shows in Rhode Island and had a great week-end.  On Saturday, she was Winners Bitch for 1 point under judge Monica Canestrini ("Canebrake") and on Sunday was Winners Bitch and Best of Breed over 2 Champions under Nathaniel Horn ("Eastern Waters") for another 2 points.  All of her wins have been from the Bred By Exhibitor class and she is on the finish line for her Championship. 

While at the Rhode Island show on Sunday, we got the great news that puppy "Kendrik" (Kamgaard Koalition Forces) was Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a 3 point major at the Fort St. Clair Kennel Club show under Eugene Blake.  He's cookin'!  CONGRATULATIONS once again to owners Dareth Stonebraker and Kathleen Hamilton.

...and if the above wasn't enough, the email bag held the great news from Australia that young American/Australian Ch. Kamgaard Kutting Edge ("Seth") was Best of Breed and 2nd in the Hound Group over the week-end at the Bulli District Kennel Club, Inc. under Mr. J. Black of Victoria, a Hound specialist.  CONGRATULATIONS to "Seth", Craig and Anna-Lee... you make us very proud!


April 23rd 

Sad news here in that another "Kubota" daughter has gone over the Rainbow Bridge... this time it was Kamgaard The Knockout of GV ("Lydia") who was owned and adored by Milt and Rita Munson of Montana.  The Munsons wrote:

"We would like to THANK YOU both for allowing us to have her all these years.  She was a great joy.  She was still picking up coins, paperclips, rubber bands and spruce needles off the floor even last night.  Don't know how we will keep the house picked up with  without her!  She definitely leaves a hole in our hearts right now but many, many fond memories as well and two very nice temperamented puppies.  My vet's office all called her "Sweet Lydia" and that she was."

Although she never finished her Championship, she was major pointed and the dam of the Munson's winning Ch. Glacier Valley Knows The Game, a Top Ten dog.

Rest in peace, "Lyds" ... you were SO loved.


April 19th 

An exciting phone call this afternoon from Dareth Stonebraker to report that young "Kendrik" (Kamgaard Koalition Forces) went to his very first show today at the Bloomington Indiana Kennel Club and was Winners Dog and Best of Winners from the Puppy class for 2 points under judge Sydney Marx who commented on his excellent movement and type.


CONGRATULATIONS!!! to Kendrik, Dareth and co-owner Kathleen Hamilton. 

Keep up the great work!

April 8th - 17th 

Road trip!   Were we mad?  Yes, probably!  But nonetheless the Kamgaard van rolled from home first thing Monday morning on the long journey to Colorado for the Norwegian Elkhound Association of America's national regional specialty and the Columbine specialty held in Brighton, CO.  After driving for three days through wind, rain, hail, lightning and thunder and through Nebraska over miles on ice and a closed Interstate 80, we arrived at our destination unscathed.  Pleased that we added an extra day to our travels as it gave us a chance to rest up, get dogs ready and settle in for the events which started on Friday with the Columbine specialty.  Judge for this event was Marie Peterson ("Windy Cove") and we had a good day overall with young "Siri" (Kamgaard Kiamesha) winning her puppy class with sister "Rosie (Kamgaard Kaaterskill) right behind her.  Siri went on to Reserve Winners Bitch to a 5 point major in an entry 25 bitches on her first time in the ring!  (see below) 

"Poppy" (Powdermill Remember Me) placed 4th in a large Open Bitch class and "Kasey" (SBIS Am/Can/Bda Ch. Kamgaard Kase In Point) won a coveted Award of Merit in heavy competition.

Puppy 1st and 2nd placings once again for Siri and Rosie at the National Regional under judge Nikki Riggsbee and the last day at the Terry-All all-breed show, a class first for Rosie and 3rd in Open Bitches for Poppy under Allan Odom.

A great time overall seeing many old and new friends, gatherings, meetings, etc. -- never enough time unfortunately.  We left Colorado on Monday morning in the snow and had an uneventful drive, arriving home on Wednesday afternoon--almost 4,000 miles round-trip.  HUGE thanks to Joanne Rascoe who went along to help -- couldn't have done it without you!!

Good news while we were on the road came from Cheryl Cramer who reported that "Grey" (Kamgaard Kovered In Grey NA NAJ NF) had some great agility wins over the week-end with 2nd, 3rd and 4th placings in her classes and 1st Open Q (JWW): and 1st "Double Q" (same day, both classes and 1st Standard Q):  --  Lots of progress here!! 

CONGRATULATIONS also go to Christine Tilburg and Kamgaard Katch The Wave ("Rogue") who after this week-end is sporting a new Rally Novice (RN) title after a 98 point score and a third place.  Check out the beautiful photo of "Rogue" and his friend "Grendel" which Christine recently sent -- it's on the "Everyday Life" tab... breathtaking!

 Unfortunately not all the news was good during the trip and we received the sad news that the much loved "Kelsey" (Ch. Fanarok Kamgaard Kelsey) had crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday.  After a show and producing career, Kelsey spent many happy years with the Ackerman family in New York City.  Alisa Ackerman posted this tribute to her:

"Dear beautiful, sweet Kelsey : I will never forget the days in the park when you waited patiently for your boy to get his fill of the swings so you could have a proper walk. Tail waggingly, dog grinningly patient, all the while barely walking babies ambled up to you for a grab at your thick, soft fur.   Again, patiently endured, even if the encounter involved tail pulling, ear tugging, nose and eye poking (those little hands are fast!). But it was impossible to provoke you, dog mama. You loved children and they were drawn to you like a magnet. “Is that a wolf, a real wolf?” I would inevitably hear. You let the little ones parade you around in circles, costume you (batman was my favorite) and hug you endlessly. You were in the human love game to win it. Yes, you waited for your walk and loved everything there was to love about it.  Trotting along to meet new friends, dog and human, sniffing and being petted, treats and all the joys to be had by a dog on a leash. You never met another dog you couldn’t handle with absolute diplomacy. (I wish I had your unflappable grace).  The one time you became aggressive was when another dog had the audacity to
growl at your boy. Your boy was to be protected, always. Remember when we used to rough house with him? The tickling made him scream and you would jump up on the bed to wedge between us and him, agitated and barking. What were those crazy humans doing to your boy? It had to be stopped!  But there is another side to your story.My favorite memory is watching you really, really (really!) haul ass every winter in the snowy in wide open spaces of the park -- creating crowds of admirers with your 8 foot jumps and bounds and snow flying skids and swirls. Leaping up above the snow.  Bounding through the snow. The joy of snow! Snow flying, dog flying.  Norwegian Elkhound heaven!  Sometimes you ran so far away, my heart raced. I chased and chased you screaming and you’d finally stop and twist around to see me, smiling that crazy beautiful dog smile. You’d hover a moment, as if deciding, and then rocket so fast back across the field to me, your love blazing. I realized then, despite your all-enduring, ever so patient, human-oriented demeanor, you are really a tamed wild animal who wants to fly and be free. Your spirit is with the wolf.  Sweet, sweet Kelsey. What will I do without you?

You came into our lives at a difficult time and you were, quite frankly, my solace.  My friend and furry therapist. You did not care if I hugged your soft, plush teddy bear body extra tight sometimes.  If tears were shed, you just looked deep into my eyes with your unswerving (and sometimes unnerving) soulful eyes. As if you knew my sorrows, inside and out. This is a look dog owners know.  It cannot be explained. (but I’m pretty sure it’s why “dog” spells g-o-d  backwards). Yes, you really saved me.  And saved our family. Thank you, Kelsey. We love and miss you so much already.  A true, brave, tail wagging champion to the very last moment, you inspire me and have a piece of my heart forever.  As one of your many admirers in our neighborhood put it: When you see Kelsey coming down the street towards you, she emanates pure, shining joy.”  

What better home could we have asked for?  What better testament to an Elkhound's soul than this?  Sympathy and thanks to the Ackerman family for giving one of our best such a wonderful home and life for so many years.

Rest in peace, dear Kelsey.

March 10th 

Unwinding from our trip and happy to hear the Crufts results, we were shocked and very saddened to learn of the passing of SBIS Ch. Kinderhorn Dain of Conrick JW ShCM in England after he took ill at Crufts.  Very hard to comprehend that Maggie's Best Veteran at the Contest just days before was now gone forever as he had looked SO good, moved so soundly and had his usual sparkling eyes, coat and personality in spades there.  We send our heartfelt condolences to the McHugh and Horner families knowing what a huge part of their lives he was.

Farewell, "Raider" and rest in peace.  We will never forget you.


March 7th 

Home in time to watch the Crufts show live from England and once again we send our CONGRATULATIONS to Brian and Linda Middleton and their Kriega son, "Kris" (Ch./Irish Ch. Kestos I Spy at Graythor) for his record-breaking FIFTH Best of Breed at this legendary show along with a 4th in the Hound Group.   The Bitch CC winner was the Contest of Champions winner, Ch./Irish Ch. Ennafort The One and Only under Zena Thorn-Andrews ("Drakesleat"). 

Well done, both!

February 20th - March 6th 

Adventure!  Off on the evening of February 20th from JFK arriving in London the next morning.  After a few days visiting with our friend Alison Carew-Cox in Shrewley, we were on to the "mission" of the trip which was for Maggie to judge the annual Contest of Champions at the Norwegian Elkhound Club of Great Britain.  This is a competition with four divisions;  Puppy of the Year, Veteran of the Year, Stud Book Challenge of the Year and the "main event" in the afternoon, the Contest of Champions.  Entries are made by exhibitors not knowing who the judge will be and it's a secret we've kept for almost a year, so a surprise entrance was made five minutes before the start of the competition.  Lots of smiles and warm welcomes awaited us.  Main winners in the competitions were:

Puppy of the Year, Kestos Opal at Norvin

Veteran of the Year, SBIS Ch. Kinderhorn Dain of Conrick JW ShCM

Stud Book Challenge of the Year, Crossridge Class Act

and after lunch, the winner of the Contest of Champions was:

Ch/Irish Ch. Ennafort The One and Only

Many thanks to the NECGB for a wonderful day, to Margaret Deuchar, show organizer for all her attention to detail and arrangements for us, and to the exhibitors who accepted my decisions in a most sporting manner.

After the show, we were off to our converted barn home in mid Wales for a week

which was quite near our good friends Babs and Brian Stokes of Kestos Elkhounds (although they had no idea of this until we arrived!).  Sally's brother Christopher and his partner Jill joined us for several days.  Very remote!  Wifi nearly non-existant, no mobile reception or phone--just the sound of Baa! Baa! -- sheep surrounding us everywhere!

A great week was spent with friends and relatives and Maggie's birthday was celebrated in the company of two of her favorite friends, Babs Stokes and Anne Roslin-Williams:

From Wales, on to visit with Sally's dad in Ipswich and finally back with brother Christopher before taking off on March 6th.  All in all, a great trip.

February 16th - 17th 

Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Klearly Kommander Keeno was Best of Breed both days at the Ontario Breeders Association shows in Lindsay, Ontario under judges Sandy Alexander and Mike Jackman.  CONGRATULATIONS to Lisa Bank and Keeno!

and on Sunday, two new titles for "Grey"!

were earned today at the Bayshore Companion Dog Club in New Jersey.  She is now

Kamgaard Kovered In Grey NA NAJ NF 

CONGRATULATIONS to Cheryl and "Grey"!!!

February 9th 

What's a wedding without an Elkhound and a couple of Corgis?  The bells rang for Pam Johnson and Linda Syner in Maryland today as they were united in matrimony among many friends and their Corgi ring bearers "Dallas" and "Austin."  Official greeter at the door was none other than "Jag" (SBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kommander In Chief) who met everyone with a smile on his face and his famous "Jag wave" in a dapper bowtie. 

We wish them many more years of happiness always.

February 2nd-3rd 

Not a lot of news on these snowy winter week-ends, but the photo received above sure did make our hearts sing!  Lovely shot of the 7 month old Kamgaard Kaministiquia of Wrathwood ("Trac") in the Canadian snows came from Lynda Tarnowski of Wrathwood along with another which we have posted on the "Everyday Life" tab.  Gotta love this boy!

Good news came from Dareth Stonebraker and Kathleen Hamilton that "Trac's" brother, Kamgaard Koalition Forces ("Kendrik") went to the Southern Indiana Kennel Club match on Sunday and was Best of Breed over competition and Second in the Puppy Hound Group under AKC judge Laura Abbott-Licht who commented on his excellent movement.  He's off and running!

...and... another great message from Cheryl Cramer to say that "Grey" (Kamgaard Kovered in Grey, NF) got another "Q" in JWW at an agility trial on Sunday.  Lots of progress here!

January 27th 

A long but fruitful day.  Leaving early in the morning, we travelled to Allentown, PA to attend the annual Lehigh Valley Kennel Club's Canine Learning Experience... a wonderful all-encompassing day of seminars, clinics and in the afternoon a match show for some practical experience.

Taking the 7 month puppies "Rosie" and "Siri" and yearling "Poppy" along, they did very well for their first-time indoor show experience and acted like they have been doing this all their lives.  Our judge was Sheltie master breeder Tom Coen ("Macdega") who after much deliberation placed "Rosie" (Kamgaard Kaaterskill) over sister "Siri" (Kamgaard Kiamesha) saying "that is my decision today... could change tomorrow!"... our thoughts exactly!  These two are SO close in qualities and looks, we have the "puppy of the day" award here and it changes often!  "Rosie" went on to a very nice 2nd in the Puppy Hound Group.  "Poppy" (Powdermill Remember Me) was Best of Breed Adult and went on to win the Adult Hound Group. 

Great wins, but we were thrilled with the way the puppies handled themselves on their first outing taking to the show environment like proverbial ducklings to water.  Also nice to meet up with some friends and see the ground once again... no snow!

January 24th 

With the first posting of the New Year, we wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous one.  News has been a bit slow this time of the year but that is to be expected with not a lot of shows, lots of snow and cold along with everyone recovering from the holidays. 

The first week-end of 2013 found us enjoying brunch at our Garden State Norwegian Elkhound Club's annual meeting and holiday party... lots of fun.  Unbeknown to us at that time, one of our founding members of the Garden State club passed away that day.  Helen Francoise of Fran-Van Elkhounds was an early friend and mentor to Maggie and always an inspiration.  Attending her services later in the week was both sorrowful but joyous as her family celebrated her 84 years with many photos of her family, her Elkhounds, Elkhound memories and book ("Your Norwegian Elkhound") which she co-authored with her lifelong friend and neighbor, Nancy Swanson.     Rest in peace, Helen... we will never forget your spirit!

The following week-end, we had good news from Cheryl Cramer that "Grey" (Kamgaard Kovered In Grey, NF) got another leg on her Novice Standard agility title at a trial in Bayshore, New York.  CONGRATULATIONS!

We also received some exciting photos of "ZigBee" (Ch. Kamgaard Katch The Buzz, RE, MX, AXJ, OF) trying his paw at herding.  He participated in a Herding Instinct Certification in Wisconsin in November and passed with the judge proclaiming him a natural!

Yeah, Zig!  Versatile guy!

Meanwhile back at the ranch... we have just been staying warm in these sub-zero temperatures and enjoying the Elkhounds enjoying the thing they love best... SNOW!

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