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 News 2007 
December 31st 

Here's wishing everyone a HAPPY and HEALTHY 2008 from the Baby New Year!

December 15th 

This is caroling, Kamgaard style!

While many of you have seen the image which we have used of the three little angels "Skye", "Trevor" and "Karly"... this is one we haven't used and somehow it seems fitting to wish everyone


New images have been added to the Everyday Life tab as well as the galleries for Kriega, Trevor, Kelsey, Karly and Kabbie.  Enjoy!

November 26th - December 1st 

Monday saw the arrival of another singleton puppy born to SBIS English/American/Canadian Ch. Kestos Kriega and American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kristalea.  SHE!!! is a big silver girl, weighing in at nearly a pound at birth and co-owners Cecilia and Dennis Frye proclaim she is one happy and content baby!

We completed the breedings of SBIS English/American/Canadian Ch. Kestos Kriega to Ch. Kamgaard Kan You Hear Me Now and "Katie", now in our ownership, will raise her family with us.  Puppies are due January 28th and this is a repeat breeding of a successful combination producing some exciting youngsters.

BIG CONGRATULATIONS are in order for co-owners Terri Brennan and Lori Webster who on Saturday won both Best of Breed and First in the Bred By Exhibitor Hound Group at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Long Beach, California with SBIS American/Canadian Ch. Tiro Vin-Melca Great Scott !!!  At eight plus years of age, "Scotty" in the last few weeks has won both the Sacramento and Southern California Specialties and now this wonderful honor.  In his group photo with judge Dr. Goran Bodegard of Sweden he reminds us ever so much of his grandsire, our late SBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Windy Cove Norgren Wild Pride ("BS").  Great "lasters", both! 

November 23rd-25th 

Thanksgiving Day generally finds us getting ready for the Springfield, MA cluster of shows and this year was no exception.  Leaving early on Friday morning in the swirling snow, we were happy to start working once again with our "Karly", Kamgaard Kapture The Wind since her return back from Bermuda last week and we were very pleased with her progress and level of maturity since she was last with us.  On Friday at the South Windsor Kennel Club, "Karly" was Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed for a 3 point major under judge Roberta Campbell.  On Saturday at the Windham County Kennel Club she was again Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed for a another 3 point major under Christine Pollender-Calcinari.  On Sunday at the Springfield Kennel Club, "Karly's" competition seems to have evaporated and from what was a major entry, there were no points to be had, but practice is a good thing, and she was once again Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed under Lisa Warren who commented on her lovely type and soundness.  All of her wins were from the Bred By Exhibitor class.

Meanwhile, to the south we were happy to hear that the Klearly Proud son, Ch. Highland Typhoon had won another Hound Group First!!! under Gloria Geringer at the Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club.  "Ty" still remains the #1 Elkhound in the nation through October in the Dog News Top Ten List.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!

November 7th - 11th 

A new Bermudian Championship this week for Kamgaard Kapture The Wind thanks to the wonderful handling of Rebecca Clas!  Finishing with 3 GR2's , 2 GR3's and a GR4out of the six shows, "Karly" also was twice Best Locally Owned Dog In Show for co-owner/co-breeder Linda Atcheson.

October 17th - 27th 

After a long and busy summer, we were happy to load up the van and travel with "Kriega" and "Trevor" to the Minnesota Specialty shows on what turned out to be a 2700 mile and ten day trip visiting with many friends from the West, Midwest and Canada.  While the shows are important and the wins are nice, it's the friendships and exchange of ideas and goals which make trips like this so special.

Breeder-judges Michael and Wendy Sharman ("Naraena") from England and Sweden judged the two specialties and provided all with written critiques afterward.  The first day was the turn of Michael who sent the Kriega x Kan You Hear Me Now daughter, Strom Kriega's Tur Dansar Thora (see News entry of July 28-29) all the way to BEST OF BREED! for a 5 point major after "Thora" had been named Best in Sweepstakes under Patrick Cunningham.  Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed went to Thora's sire, SBIS English/American/Canadian Ch. Kestos Kriega, shown by Sally.  Winners Dog and the first male Award of Merit went to Kamgaard Kover Your Tracks ("Trevor") from the Bred By Exhibitor class for a 3 point major.  WHAT A DAY!

On Sunday Wendy Sharman pinned on the judge's badge and found her BEST OF BREED in "Kriega", again with Sally at the end of the lead while daughter "Thora" was Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed to her sire and "Trevor" was Winners Dog and Best of Winners.  Four pointers today for both!!  We were also VERY pleased this week-end with the debut of Kamgaard Katch The Buzz ("ZigBee") and today he was Reserve Winners Dog to "Trevor."  He is owned by Toni Sibrel and Peter Bojan of Illinois and shown by Toni who made her initial trip into the ring and did a GREAT job -- continued success!  Proud once more to watch Mallory Golladay showing her Ch. Kamgaard Kaballero, NA VNE CGC to first in the Veteran Dog class today -- Yeah! "Kabbie!" 

Hats off to NEAM for continually providing our breed with specialties judged by breeders from far and near, offering valuable learning tools such as Utstillings and critiques and they do so while offering all great hospitality!

All this AND "beach boy Trevor" got to spend some time on the shores of Lake Michigan on the way home!



October 7th-13th 

Another busy week here!  We completed the first multiple sires breeding which we have ever attempted by both artificial insemination and surgical implant.  SBIS/UBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kapri at Graafin was bred to both SBIS/UBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Klearly Proud and SBIS English/American/Canadian Ch. Kestos Kriega and with a bit of luck, puppies will be due December 13th with co-owner Ginger Leeuwenburg.  Let it not be said we don't take advantage of the current veterinary technologies and AKC registration possibilities available! 

New photos have been added to "Kool Max's" photo gallery.

More CONGRATULATIONS are sent "across the pond" to the Kriega son, SBIS English/Irish Ch. Kestos I Spy at Graythor who was BEST IN SHOW on Saturday at the Norwegian Elkhound Association of Scotland's National Specialty under Mr. Roy Metcalfe ("Metadale").

September 24th-30th 

Autumn is definitely in the air in upstate New York!  The leaves are changing, the squirrels and chipmunks are busy gathering goodies and driving the dogs wild at the same time!  The fall decorations and pumpkins are out and it's been busy here this past week with kennel visitors and the completion of two breedings; SBIS/UBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Klearly Proud to Ch. Kamgaard Kordelia Grey - due November 22 - and SBIS English/American/Canadian Ch. Kestos Kriega to American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kristalea - due November 26.


We attended one show this Saturday, the Suffolk County Kennel Club show at the beautiful Planting Fields Arboretum on Long Island and were very pleased with the results; the young Kriega x Kan You Hear Me Now son, Strom Dancing With The Stars was WD/BOW from the Puppy Dog class for his first 3 point major and our own Kamgaard Klearly Grey was WB/BOS from the Bred By Exhibitor class for her third major and title--our 133rd Championship!  The judge was Mrs. Lee Canalizo ("Kandahara").     


Great news from Michigan where the Klearly Proud son Ch. Highland Typhoon was Best of Breed on Saturday and Sunday over large entries and scored a GR3 on Saturday and a HOUND GROUP BLUE on Sunday!!!   CONGRATULATIONS, once again, "Ty"!                                             


September 23rd 

 CONGRATULATIONS to NEW CHAMPION Northwind's Winning Colors who finished her title today at the Erie Kennel Club show under Dr. Robert Smith.  "Libby" was bred and owned by Cecilia and Dennis Frye and was handled exclusively by Dennis.  All of Libby's wins came from the Bred By Exhibitor class thus entitling her to the AKC Medallion for excellence and we salute all three for their resolve!  Her dam is American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kristalea, so TWO new Champions for "Krissy" this month (see September 3rd below).  :-)

September 8th-9th 


CONGRATULATIONS! to French Ch. Malenibo Lleandryn on his BEST IN SHOW today at the French Spitz Club show.  "Kai" is bred, owned, and handled by Malcolm and Enid Hicks and is sired by Kamgaard Kapture The Moment (imported to England).  C'est marveilleuse!

A good day was had at the Garden State Norwegian Elkhound Club Specialty.  The Kriega son, Strom's Dancing With The Stars was Best in Sweepstakes while his sire, SBIS English/American/Canadian Ch. Kestos Kriega won the Veteran Sweepstakes, both under judge Marcy Zingler.  In the regular classes, the Kriega son, Strom Bjorn-Lass Jitterbug Jack was Winners Dog and Best of Winners while his litter brother Strom's Dancing With The Stars was Reserve Winners Dog and our Kamgaard Klearly Grey was Reserve Winners Bitch.  Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed to BIS/SBIS American/Canadian/ Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kristorn, CGC all under judge Howard Atlee.


 Today at the beautiful Westchester Kennel Club Show, SBIS English/American/Canadian Ch. Kestos Kriega was Best of Breed under Mr. Dan Ericsson ("Raglan") of Sweden and son Strom Bjorn-Lass Jitterbug Jack was again Winners Dog with Best of Opposite Sex to BIS/SBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kristorn, CGC.  This is always a favorite show, held at the Lyndhurst Estate on the banks of the Hudson River in Tarrytown, NY and the grounds (above) are magnificent.  As the Hound Group was last, we had lots of time to work with "Emerson" who came along for the ride both days and posed for some 9 week old shots while waiting for the group on Sunday.

New photo added to Skye's gallery.  

September 3rd 

CONGRATULATIONS! to NEW CHAMPION NORTHWIND THORJIN OAKNSHIELD who completed his title today at the Schooley's Mountain Kennel Club show.  He is the very FIRST Champion for proud owners Sally and John Spear who along with handler Sue Ratz have worked hard to attain their goal.  "Thor's" dam is American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kristalea and he was bred by the Fryes.

New photo added to Jag's gallery of his recent GR3.

September 2nd 

Today at the Sussex Hills K.C. show, KAMGAARD KLEARLY GREY ("Kool Max") was Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed under judge Richard Reynolds for 2 more points toward her Championship!  Worth sitting in the holiday traffic on the way home for!!

August 25th-26th 


by being chosen Winners Dog, Best of Winners, and Best of Breed at the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Dog Association Show under Pam Bruce.  This completed his Championship requirements for a third win after his two big 5 point wins the week-end of the Canadian National and he was pulled in the group today as well.  Moved up to Specials Only the following day, he was again Best of Breed under Tom Nesbitt and pulled in another quality group.  A hot but beautiful show along the Saint Lawrence Seaway but the heat didn't seem to phase Kriega one bit and he showed his heart out!


August 20th 

New photos have been added to Kriega, Kami, and Trevor's galleries...take a peek! 

August 19th 

More CONGRATULATIONS to the "Kubota" son, CH. HIGHLAND TYPHOON who has continued his #1 standing in the all-breed point system through the end of July.  "Ty" goes GROUP ONE! today at the Tioga County Kennel Club show under Canadian judge Mark Houston-McMillan.

At six and a half weeks of age, "Emerson" poses today for his first show shots and thought that hamming it up for the camera was great fun!

...and..."ACROSS THE POND" CONGRATULATIONS from KRIEGA to his son, ENGLISH CH. KESTOS I SPY AT GRAYTHOR who completed his Irish Championship title today by winning GROUP FIRST in Navan, Ireland.  Shamrocks to you, Kris! 

August 17th 



goes Best of Breed and 3rd in Group at the Talbot Kennel Club show under D. Jay Hyman!   

August 6th 

"One little indian... GIRL!" is born today to SBIS ENGLISH/AMERICAN CH. KESTOS KRIEGA and CH. FANAROK KAMGAARD KELSEY.  Mom and baby doing fine! 

August 5th 
Today at the Greater Cleveland Norwegian Elkhound Club Specialty Show, two littermates began their show careers in spectacular style!  Winners Dog to KAMGAARD KOVER YOUR TRACKS ("Trevor") from the Bred By Exhibitor class and littermate KAMGAARD KLEAR BLUE SKYE ("Skye") was Winners Bitch and Best of Winners under breeder-judge Eric White.  As well, SBIS ENGLISH/AMERICAN CH. KESTOS KRIEGA was 1st Award of Merit.  CONGRATS! to owners Gill Bingham, Cecilia and Dennis Frye and SPECIAL THANKS to Ginger Leeuwenburg who went along "just to do some shopping" and helped in so many ways.
August 2nd and 3rd 

Kriega is now


He finished his American title the first two days of the Canfield, Ohio cluster with two more majors (total FOUR!).  CONGRATULATIONS to his breeder Barbara Stokes and owner Gill Bingham!  The first photo received from the Fort Steuben show has been posted to Kriega's page.

July 28-29th 

CONGRATULATIONS!!! to Brad and Cindy Wagner and their STROM KRIEGA'S TUR DANSAR THORA (a Kriega x Kan You Hear Me Now daughter) for a 2 point win and 3 point major at her first two all-breed shows from the Puppy class in Wisconsin.  THANKS! to Kristi Wehking for her handling and guidance.

July 26th 
HAPPY TENTH BIRTHDAY! to "Bekka" (CH. WRATHWOOD KAMGAARD KAKABEKA) who celebrated with a personal cake which she quickly devoured!  A bonafide member of the "Double Digit Club", Bekka is a treasured member of our household and we wish her many more years, cakes, and good times.
July 13th -15th 
The Canadian National Specialty week-end, Woodstock, Ontario

WOW!!! Where do we begin? We always look forward to this trip to meet with friends from around the world, but this year was just beyond belief! The phrase "Kamgaard week-end" was heard more than once and now home, the why has become clear. Unofficial results from the four shows can be accessed below.

The highlight of the week-end for us came at the National when SBIS ENGLISH CH. KESTOS KRIEGA was selected BEST OF BREED by Norway's Ralf Campbell ("Tallo"), but there were many wonderful wins over the four days made by many of our dogs and our thanks go to their owners and handlers for their hard work to make this a week-end to remember.

THANK YOU ALL for your congratulations so warm and sincere!
July 4th 
One little male "sparkler" born to SBIS ENGLISH CH. KESTOS KRIEGA and CH. KAMGAARD KLAPHAM JUNCTION.  Mom and baby doing just fine!  Update:  Now called "Emerson" we are seeking your help in finding a suitable "K" name for this star-spangled boy.  We have had suggestions of "Kaptain America", "Kaboom" and "Kracker" ... still searching!   Let us hear from you!
June 15th 

are in order for "Ty" (CH. HIGHLAND TYPHOON) on his first SPECIALTY BEST IN SHOW!!! at the Northeastern Illinois Norwegian Elkhound Association Specialty Show under Grant Winchell ("Lehigh"). He was breeder/owner/handled by Andrea Schokker. Ty continues his #1 standing ALL SYSTEMS through May 31st!!

At this same show the Kriega x Kan You Hear Me Now son STROM DANCING WITH THE STARS was Reserve Winners Dog at his first show at 6 months, 1 week of age! Go "Emmitt"!
May 5th 
from the classes at the Bucks County Kennel Club under Finnish judge Hans Lehtinen, bringing him closer to his American title. He was also pulled in a quality-packed group at this prestigious show!!
April 2007 
to CH. HIGHLAND TYPHOON on his current standing of #1 Norwegian Elkhound in the U.S. in the Dog News Top Ten List as of April 2007. "Ty" is a son of our SBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Klearly Proud.

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