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 News 2011 
December 31st 

2011 -  WOW!!!  What a year!

It seems it was a non-stop year from the start and we look back on a plethora of wonderful travels, super wins and great friends to share them with.  Favorite memories will be the look of pure joy on Mary Jo's face as Kodiak won the National Regional, the whelping of that all boy litter by Kobi and Kasey...and oh, what a litter!, Sally's delight in finally finding the MGB of her dreams, summer picnics with friends,  "down time" in both Florida and Maine, the excitement of Seth finishing in record time, quite a few new American, Canadian and American Grand Championships made, ... and finally the happiness at the end of the year in saying good-bye for now to our builder friends who in the course of three months did much refurbishment work in our cottage along with giving it a new outer look.

We cannot think of the year without marking the passing of two people who meant very much to us.  There are times when it would seem natural to pick up the phone to discuss a breeding plan with Lana Hall only to remember she is no longer here.  We know she would be thrilled with the accomplishments of the individuals coming down from  her "Terrell" as well as knowing now the whole litter from the frozen semen breeding in which she played a big part are now Champions as well as her "Grey" doing so well in both the conformation ring and agility training with Cheryl Cramer.  There isn't a day that goes by that we don't miss Johnny our kennel helper who lost his life in May...too young, too soon and leaving so many behind who loved him.  We are thankful in finding Anna Klinger to help out and she is doing a wonderful job.

The website has been very active as usual with lots of e-acquaintances, inquiries and news.  There is nothing like being able to instantaneously share the joy of both two and four-leggers!  The website control counter shows us that we have exceeded 90,000 all-time visitors and almost a quarter of a million page views...amazing!  Still much work to be done on it...we'll try harder!

In "clocking out" of 2011, we leave with a total of 152 recorded Championships and send you our very best wishes for a healthy and most prosperous New Year!

Maggie and Sally


November 24th-27th 

Our last shows of the year at the "Big E" in West Springfield, Massachusetts.  There is always a bit of anticipation about these shows...don't know whether it is because we spend Thanksgiving on the road (or "turkey on the run" as it has come to be known) or that they generally signal the end of our show year and the beginning of the holiday season, but there always seems to be a good entry with exhibitors from far and near and points both minor and major.

Thanksgiving Day kicked off with the Holyoke Kennel Club and Mr. Bill Cunningham ("DaCun") doing the judging honors and he found his Best of Breed in SBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kase In Point.  This win completed "Kasey's" American Grand raining on her parade!  The following day at the South Windsor Kennel Club show, she was judged Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed by Ms. Virginia Lyne ("Ranzfel") of Canada who also found her Winners Dog and Best of Winners in Horizon Rock Solid (co-bred with Kamgaard by owners Pam Johnson and Linda Syner) as well as her Winners Bitch in Kamgaard Klear Blue Skye, owned by Dennis Frye and handled by Linda Syner.

On to the week-end shows with Windham County Kennel Club on Saturday and Joe Walton wearing the judge's badge.  Best of Breed to GCh. Graafin Kapris' Steele Blue Kenaz, co-bred by Kamgaard and owner Ginger Leeuwenburg and handled by Adam Bernardin with Kase In Point going Best of Opposite Sex to him.  Best of Breed Veteran and 2nd in the Veteran Hound Group to Ch. Kamgaard Kan You Hear Me Now owned by Karen Freudendorf and handled by Tina Gonsalves.

Springfield Kennel Club on Sunday...last day of the year with Jack Ireland ("Pinepath") of Canada making the calls.  Winners Dog again to Horizon Rock Solid and again BOS and top bitch of the whole circuit to Kase In Point with Select Awards going to both Kenaz and Kan You Hear Me Now, but the highlight of the day for us was for Kamgaard Klear Blue Skye to be Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for her third major and finish her Championship.  At age six she is looking better than ever and would have no doubt been finished long ago had it not been for the illness and demise of her co-owner Cecilia.  She is the final member of her whole litter of "frozen pupcicles" to finish her Championship and just put the icing on the cake to what has been a very special year for us.  To Pam and Linda go our special thanks for working with us in so many different ways and for conditioning and helping Skye to look the best she has ever looked.  We only wish three special people who were integral to this frozen semen breeding effort could still be here to share the joy; Cecilia, David her co-breeder and Lana, the owner of her sire...but sadly not to be. 

Along with the conformation side of things, there was BIG agility competition in the adjacent building and we got to watch some amazing runs made by friends with Elkhounds and Corgis.  Congratulations to Christine Tilburg who wrote the following to Agile Elkies blog:  "Grendel and I met up with a heap of other Elkhounds (11 in all?) at the Cluster in Massachusetts this weekend.  We showed Sunday and Monday.  Both days Grendel narrowly missed a standard Q and Q'd in JWW (with 2 second places- we were very consistent this weekend!).  This finishes up Grendel's Master Jumpers Title (at the Preferred level) which makes him... Cimmerian Beowulf's Bane RE MXJ MX AXP MJP."  Grendel is a son of SBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kommander In Chief and Christine is working with her new puppy, Kamgaard Katch The Wave ("Rogue") to hopefully follow in his footprints one day.  We also got to visit with "Grey" (Kamgaard Kovered In Grey) who was hanging out with the agility crowd and taking notes!

Driving home Sunday night we reflected on the week-end and know how very lucky we are to be able to continue on in the sport we love with the help of many special friends.  To all of the owners and handlers who present Kamgaard dogs around the world in various disciplines, we owe special thanks for making our breeding efforts shine.  Turkey?  Who needs turkey?  This is Thanksgiving from the heart.

November 18-20 

A short trip to "Maple Leaf Land" (a/k/a Canada) where there were several Elkhounds entered at the Ottawa Kennel Club shows.  With a late judging on Friday, we left early that morning, went through a blinding snow storm north of Syracuse but emerged at the border under blue skies.  "Lake effect" weather is strange stuff!

In a frigid ice hockey area "Kobi" (SBIS GCh. Kamgaard Kut Above) was Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Breed and later GR3 under Keke Kahn on Friday for a total of 4 points to complete his Canadian Championship.  Moved up to Specials Only competition the next two days, he was Best of Breed under Dr. Chapa from Mexico on Saturday and Terry Carter from Alberta on Sunday.

A very nice week-end complete with the annual Show of Shows competition on Saturday night where Canadian Best in Show winners from the previous year are invited to compete and be judged by an international panel using a scoring system.  Lots of glamour, great performances and friends new and old to share them with.

November 9th-13th 

November 9th and 10th were spent at the Talbot Kennel Club shows in Salisbury, Maryland with identical results each day.  Winners Dog and Best of Winners to Horizon Rock Solid (breeders/owners Linda Syner and Pam Johnson, co-bred by Kamgaard), Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed to Kamgaard Klear Blue Skye owned by Dennis Frye, so 2 points to each.  Best of Breed both days was SBIS Ch. Kamgaard Kut Above.  Judge on Wednesday was Roberta Campbell ("Camcrest") and on Thursday judging honors went to Randy Garren ("Randenn") and with Sunday's win, Kobi completed the requirements for his Grand Championship.

Friday was a half-travel, half-work day going on to Swedesboro, New Jersey to help with set-up for the annual agility trials of the Garden State Norwegian Elkhound Club.  Two days of hard work over the week-end, but we were treated to some amazing performances.  BIG CONGRATULATIONS go to Linda Syner and Pam Johnson on gaining a MACH title on Corgi "Dallas" and SUPER CONGRATULATIONS go to Lisa Wilkinson and Elkhound "Breezie" (now MACH2 PACH U-CDX Wil-Mar's SeaBreeze Am/Can CDX RAE MXP3 MJP7 PAX OF AG.N VNE-AOM) who gained her PACH title making her the highest AKC titled agility Elkhound ever...even more amazing in that she is a mere 13 years of age!  What great timing to have these wins made by fellow club members at our own club's trial!  Lots of celebrating on Saturday night!!!

October 31st 

First the trick and then the treat!... after the nightmare in Massachusetts, home to repack and leave this morning for five days in Maine with the oldest and youngest members of our current tribe at home-- "Sophie" (SBIS Ch. Kamgaard Kuddledown) and "Seth" (Ch. Kamgaard Kutting Edge) who are already enjoying running on the gusty beaches, chasing squirrels in a nearby park and charming everyone they meet.

October 29th-30th 

Mother nature wins again!  Up early on Saturday and drove to Springfield, MA, site of the Queensboro Kennel Club's two shows with "Kobi" (SBIS Ch. Kamgaard Kut Above).  Winning the breed under Carol Reisman ("Kai") in the early afternoon, we waited for the Hound Group as the snow fell... harder and harder and harder.  Got pulled in the group but did not place and then had a nightmare trip of getting back to the motel only to find it was in the DARK! as was most of the Northeast.  Have you ever checked in by flashlight and gotten handed a glow stick?  Something new everyday.  Oh well, the room was semi-warm, we had water and Kobi slept on the bed.  Show cancelled next day and trying to pick our way back to the show site to pack up left equipment through downed power lines, trees, limbs and general disarray was no picnic.

This was the third show we have had cancelled this year--one for heat, the next for flooding and now snow in October.  Do you ever think Mother Nature is trying to make a statement?

One bit of good news from Linda Syner and Pam Johnson when we got home was that SBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kommander In Chief ("Jag") will be the "cover boy" in the new 2012 Browntrout calendar:

October 22nd 

Currently on the road, but we heard wonderful news from the Norwegian Elkhound Association of Minnesota Specialty Show today.  Winners Dog and Best of Winners for his third major and finishing his Championship was Kamgaard Katch The Buzz, RA OA OAJ OF ("ZigBee").  


to Toni Sibrel and Peter Bojan on their very first Champion who was entirely owner-handled by Toni...he makes the 150th Champion title for Kamgaard!  This was "ZigBee's" second specialty 5 point major!  In addition to his conformation win, ZigBee completed his Rally Excellent title, so he can add an "RE" to that long list of letters at the end of his name as well as the CH. in the front!  Winning his Puppy class at his very first show was Kamgaard Kut To The Point ("Gibbs") with Claudia Holst at the other end of the lead... great start!  Judge for the day was breeder Ginger Leeuwenburg ("Graafin").  Second place in his Novice B obedience class with a score of 183-1/2 was Ch. Kamgaard Kaballero  CD NA TDI VNEX ("Kabbie") owned, trained, and handled by Mallory Glladay.  Old dog, new tricks?  At 11 years of age, he ia amazing!

Thanks all for another awesome week-end!

October 15th-16th 

Another WOW week-end!!!  Augusta, New Jersey was the location for two days of chilly and windy fall weather but the Elkhounds loved it!  Saturday was the Palisades Kennel Club show with a supported entry of the Garden State Norwegian Elkhound Club.  Our judge was Mrs. Patricia Murphy ("Oaklara") who found her Winners Dog for 4 points in our Kamgaard Kutting Edge ("Seth") from the 6-9 month Puppy Dog class.  Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed for 4 points was Kamgaard Klear Blue Skye owned by Dennis Frye and ably handled by Linda Syner.  Best of Breed to GCh. Graafin Kapri's Steele Blue Kenaz (Kover Your Tracks x Kapri) with the Select Dog award going to SBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kodiak Snowbear owned and handled by Mary Jo Benedetti.  Later in the afternoon, "Seth" scored a 2nd in the Puppy Hound Group.

Sunday... the BIG day... our Garden State Norwegian Elkhound Club Specialty Show which was held in conjunction with the Ramapo Kennel Club.  We were honored to have Tina Gonsalves ("Bona") judging the Sweepstakes with master breeder Marie Peterson of Windy Cove fame judging the regular classes.

Best in Puppy Sweepstakes to Kamgaard Kutting Edge, Best in Veteran Sweepstakes to SBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kodiak Snowbear with Best of Opposite Sex to Best in Veteran Sweepstakes going to BIS/SBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kristorn owner-handled by Sherry Falk.

In the regular classes, Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed went to our Ch. Kamgaard Kekekabic with an Award of Merit going to her dam, Ch. Kamgaard Kan You Hear Me Now, Select Dog to Kenaz, an Award of Merit to Kodiak, but undoubtedly the star of the day went to baby "Seth", now CH. Kamgaard Kutting Edge as he was Winners Dog and Best of Winners for his fourth 4 point major in 4 times shown and finishing his Championship at the tender age of 6 months, 24 days.  In almost 50 years of showing dogs we've not experienced anything like this!  Some have asked if this is a record for the youngest Champion ever finished-- we're not sure, but we'll check it out!

Thanks for all of the congratulations and well wishes -- we are just blown away!

October 8th 

 CONGRATULATIONS to Claudia and Dan Holst and their new puppy Kamgaard Kut To The Point ("Gibbs") who had his first outing today at the sanctioned match of the Janesville-Beloit Kennel Club in Wisconsin going Best of Breed under Bobby Kopps and 3rd in the Hound Group under Sharon Grieves!  




October 1st - 2nd 

Some recent news received over the week-end from Toni Sibrel and Peter Bojan on the recent escapades of Kamgaard Katch The Buzz, RA OA OAJ OF  ("ZigBee")...

He earned his Open Agility Jumpers (JWW) title on Saturday, September 17th under judge Lisa Haidle-Potts at the Fox Valley Dog Training Club trial with a score of 100 and FIRST PLACE!  On Saturday, October 1st, ZigBee earned his Open FAST title and placed First under Judge Annette Narel at the Stone City Kennel Club trial.  On Sunday, he earned his first leg toward his Exc A FAST title, with another first place under Judge Narel at Stone City.  Plus, he earned a Qualifying score in AKC's new game Time To Beat (abbreviated T2B) on Saturday, his first attempt at the game, and earned 8 points toward a title in this venue.

Meanwhile, when ZigBee isn't working in Agility or in the breed ring, he's been busy posing with his cohorts earning money for the John Nelsen Moosedog Rescue Fund's annual Howl O'Ween contest... here's a photo of him from last year's competition


A worthy cause, you can go to to vote!

We drove through the pouring rain to Long Island on Saturday morning to attend the Suffolk County Kennel Club show where breed and group judge Mrs. Lesley Hiltz ("Torbay") officiated.  She found her Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a 4 point major in our just six-month old youngster, "Seth" -- Kamgaard Kutting Edge in his first ring appearance as well as awarding "Grey" -- Kamgaard Kovered In Grey with Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed for 4 points from the Bred By Exhibitor Bitch class.  Best of Breed and 4th in the Hound Group to SBIS Ch. Kamgaard Kut Above ("Kobi") made it a red letter day!

We later learned that Kobi's litter brother, "Kenaz" (GCh. Graafin Kapri's Steele Blue Kenaz) matched his brother's GR4 the same day on the frigid Wine Circuit in upstate New York under judge Joe Walton along with scoring some great Bests of Breed all week-end long.  WOW and CONGRATS!

We moved on to the Westbury Kennel Association in beautiful Oyster Bay under judge Elaine Mathis ("LaMar's") showing only "Seth" and "Grey" on Sunday and again, they did not disappoint!  Winners Dog and Best of Winners for another 4 points for baby "Seth" and Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed for another 4 points for "Grey" -- her third major!  "Grey" made it a long day when she won the Bred By Exhibitor Hound Group under judge Honi Reisman ("Kai") and had to stay for Best in Show, but the weather was dry, breezy and sunny... perfect.  It's always nice to try out new judges who you have never exhibited to, such as these three and we were well pleased with the results.

SPECIAL BIG CONGRATULATIONS also go to our good friends Cindy and Dave Bundy (MSLF) of Wisconsin who have had Kamgaard Elkhounds for many years and now have Staffordshire Bull Terriers as well.  While in Long Island, we had an exciting call from Cindy that their homebred GCh. MSLF Mo Chroi THD ("Cahill") had finally cracked the group barrier and gotten a GR1 on Saturday in Freeport, Illinois--later to be followed up with a GR3 on Sunday.  We couldn't be happier for you!  Well done!

After a wonderful week-end of shows, we arrived home to the sad news from Eddie and Joyce Peffer ("Peyvre") of the United Kingdom that their Kamgaard Klark Kent at age 15+ had crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  "Nikke" was Eddie and Joyce's devoted companion for all those years after we exported him and he went through quarantine with his litter brother, Kamgaard Kapture The Moment who has been a very influential stud dog in modern day breed history there.  They were some of the last surviving offspring of our SBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Windy Cove Norgren Wild Pride and their dam Ch. Elvemel's Brittany, co-owned by the Bundys. 


Rest in peace, Nikke. 


September 24th 

After a few failed attempts at entering young "Seth" in the new Beginner Puppy classes offered at the AKC shows (one show cancelled due to heat, the other cancelled due to floods!), we attended the Del-Otse-Nango Kennel Club's all-breed match held in Oneonta, NY today for some practice and were very happy with both the way Seth handled himself and the results:


Kamgaard Kutting Edge

(by SBIS Ch. Kamgaard Kut Above ex SBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kase In Point)

September 2nd - 4th 

Nova Scotia was the destination for the week-end and we were pleased with the showing efforts put forth by "Kobi" (SBIS Ch. Kamgaard Kut Above) and "Kasey" (SBIS Ch. Kamgaard Kase In Point) at all events.  Winners Dog or better at all of the three Halifax KC shows, "Kobi" came home with 7 points toward his Canadian Championship and "Kasey" completed the requirements for her Canadian title as well.  Many thanks to Canadian judges Lee Ann Bateman, Carol Graham and Shirley Limoges for their judgement calls and especially Mrs. Limoges who gave outstanding written critiques to both on Sunday.

Home to find sad news awaiting from Yvonne Schultz in that she had to say good bye to "Rose" (Ch. Kamgaard Kottage Rose) on Sunday at age 12.  She has been a big part of Yvonne's household along with her brother "Charlie" and she is going to be very much missed.  Bred only once, she was most notably the dam of BIS, SBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kristorn, CD.

Rest in peace, Rose...

August 18th 

Looking at our news tab, it's been over a month since the last posting and several of you have asked "what's happening?"  Odd to not have a posting for so long, but everything is fine.  We have quite literally "taken the summer off" from shows and have been working on other projects around the house and kennel while enjoying puppies, friends and good times.  We did not attend the few shows we were entered in due to the triple digit heat.  Knowing when and where to draw the line when it comes to the health and safety of our four-legged friends goes without saying.  Competition and wins are great, but not at such a price!  Hopefully the heat of the summer will soon diminish as our thoughts turn to fall, cooler times and dogs in coat.

While we have been taking it easy, some in the family haven't!  "Grey" (Kamgaard Kovered In Grey) has been working on basic agility moves with Cheryl Cramer.  Here is a YouTube clip showing her practicing some dexterity skills:

Our Kobi x Kasey puppies have been a joy and most have gone off to their new homes and are charming their new owners.  We've had some great reports from their proud new owners along with some photos to share below:

While "Gibbs" (Kamgaard Kut To the Point) has been honing his show presentation skills, "Oslo"  (Kamgaard Kase Closed) has been busy at soccer practice.   Meanwhile in northern climates, "Rogue" (Kamgaard Katch The Wave) when not wiping out the family's raspberry patch is starting his agility career.  "Loki"  (Kamgaard Kave Bear) has been doing general breed PR work at fairs while "Seth" (Kamgaard Kutting Edge) thinks that handling classes are the coolest social events on the planet!

Happy puppies all!

One delayed bit of show news from August 7th -- CONGRATULATIONS once again to Mary Jo Benedetti and SBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kodiak Snowbear on his Best in Veteran Sweepstakes win at the Greater Cleveland Norwegian Elkhound Club Specialty show under Vicki Lawton ("Vikiro") as well as a Select and Award of Merit from specialty judge Bill Shelton ("Coventry").



July 14th-15th 

The destination was Madison, Ohio for Mary Jo Benedetti and SBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kodiak Snowbear...  the first day at the Cuyahoga Valley Hound Association Specialty Show, "Kodiak" was Best of Breed and pulled in the group under Dr. Goran Bodegard of Sweden.  Later in the day, he was placed 2nd in a large Veteran Sweepstakes group by Miss Karen Rockwell.  Friday brought another Best of Breed for Kodiak under hound specialist David R. Miller at the Grand River Kennel Club show.

Nice going guys!

July 1st 
New images have been added to the galleries of "Kodiak", "Kekka", and "Kobi"
June 18th 

What a glorious day!  Good news came from both the east and the west!  First we learned that at the Border Union show in Kelso, Scotland, the Kriega daughter Kritiko Hurly Burly of Steldawn ("Tango") won her third and crowning Challenge Certificate necessary for her UK Championship title.  Many, many CONGRATULATIONS go to owner Gill Bingham and to Lynn Shields who has given her a chance in the ring and made her up in no time flat!  Judge was breed specialist Margaret Deuchar.

Following that bit of good news, we got an exciting phone call from Toni Sibrel with news that Kamgaard Katch The Buzz ("ZigBee") was Winners Dog and Best of Winners at the Northeastern Illinois Norwegian Elkhound Association Specialty show for a BIG 5 point major!  The judge here was Mr. Tom Nesbitt from Canada.  Happy times in the windy city tonight!!  Mega CONGRATULATIONS to "Zig", Toni and Pete -- a great birthday present for Zig's mom, "Sophie" (SBIS/UBIS Ch. Kamgaard Kuddledown) who celebrates her eleventh birthday this week.

We're proud of ALL of you!

May 27th-29th 
Two new Best of Breed awards for SBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kodiak Snowbear at the Trumbull County Kennel Club shows-- on 5/27 under Mrs. Diane Young McCormack and on 5/29 under Mr. Pete Dawkins. 
May 20th-22nd 

Driving to Virginia on Thursday for the Norwegian Elkhound Association of America's National Regional specialty show and the Norwegian Elkhound Club of the Potomac Valley's specialty show and supported entry through more torrential rain made me wonder if the sun would ever shine again as we had been having rain for at least ten days straight.

It didn't take long and Friday was a sunny start with the Norwegian Elkhound Association of America's National Regional specialty getting under way with breeder-judge Arvid Goransson from Sweden finding his BEST OF BREED!!! in American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kodiak Snowbear from the Veteran Dog class!!!  We couldn't be happier for Mary Jo who shows him with so much love and pride.  Standing next to him at the end of the day in the Best of Winners slot was our Kamgaard Kekekabic who finished her title with two big 5 point wins in less than two weeks under Scandinavian judges.  A great Veteran Bitch first for SBIS/UBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kameo Appearance rounded out the day.

A lovely banquet, words from the judge, early to bed and back on Saturday morning for the Norwegian Elkhound Club of the Potomac Valley sweepstakes and specialty show.  The Sweepstakes were judged by Lisa Peterson ("Elvemel") with last-minute substitute breed judge Polly Smith.

Best Puppy in Sweepstakes to Horizon Rock Solid (by Kover Your Tracks ex Kameo) bred and owned by Horizon/Kamgaard and Best Veteran In Sweepstakes to BIS/SBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kristorn, CD, RA owned and shown by Sherry Falk.  In the regular classes, Reserve Winners Bitch to Kamgaard Klear Blue Skye owned by Dennis Frye, Select Bitch award to Kameo Appearance from the Veteran class and BEST OF BREED!!! to Ch. Kamgaard Kut Above, taking home the challenge trophy once again.

Later that evening the Futurity and Maturity competitions of the NEAA were held, judged by Libby Parmer-Smith ("Riverwind") with Best in Maturity going to Horizon Rock Solid sending the Breeder's Challenge Bowl home to Maryland with Pam and Linda.

Another sunny Sunday start, it was the supported entry of the Potomac Club held with the Mattaponi Kennel Club with judge Carol Reisman ("Kai") taking charge of the ring.  Rock Solid was Reserve Winners Dog, then Best of Breed and Hound Group 4th to Kut Above with his littermate GCh. Graafin Kapri's Steele Blue Kenaz earning the Select Dog award and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed to the tireless Veteran, Kameo Appearance with her litter sister Ch. Kamgaard Kan You Hear Me Now going Select Bitch.  Talk about consistant judging!  They are all cousins as their dams Kakabeka and Kapri are full sisters!

As the storm clouds were gathering before group time, it was then that we learned of the passing earlier in the day of our right-hand man, kennel helper and surrogate son of 15+ years, Johnny.  Struggling somehow to hold it all together in the group ring, it seemed somehow fitting to be competing with a dog who he loved so much as a puppy.  The trip home was difficult, the services were nothing short of amazing in that we never saw so many people lined up in our little town to pay tribute to one of the most likeable guys imaginable.  Fellow friends, firemen, BPOE members and co-workers stood for 2 plus hours in line to pay respects to someone we all loved and admired.

John David Mills

February 19, 1976 - May 22, 2011

Rest in peace, Johnny

There will never be another one like you and we will miss your infectious laugh and those big bear hugs you were famous for. 

May 15th 

Nothing like "good old guys"!

The mailbag held two special notes and photos today from two half-brothers both celebrating "mature" birthdays this week-end.  First from the Boyd family in Canada, owners of Kamgaard Silver Skye came this lovely message and photo;

Hi Maggie and Sally,

Today our boy, Skye, Sire Ch. Windy Cove Norgren Wild Pride and Dam Kamgaard Kindred Spirit turns twelve!!

We want you to know he has been the most wonderful pet with a very delightful personality and disposition.  We have such fond memories of the trip we made to your kennel and how patient you were with our daughter Allison as she strove to choose her perfect pet.  And indeed she chose well.

Skye receives many accolades in our community which is largely populated with "little white lap dogs."  We are about to head north for the next five months to our cottage where Skye thrives on long hikes and boat rides.  He leads a privileged life.

Hope you are well and thank you for all your fine efforts in the Elkhound world.  We enjoy following your successes.


Eric, Cathy & Allison Boyd

and from Mallory Golladay comes a birthday photo of "Mr. Happiness" himself, Kaballero celebrating his 11th birthday;

Many happy returns of the day, you two!

May 7th 

What a day!  It started early with the almost three hour drive to our favorite show of the year, the classic Bucks County Kennel Club in Pennsylvania along the beautiful Delaware River.  In addition to the wonderful show it always is, it was once again the site of a supported entry and Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes of the Garden State Norwegian Elkhound Club along with a picnic and meeting.  Great Elkhound weather, trees and flowers in bloom, and a Norwegian judge, Mrs. Anne Indergaard ("Annwn") who came from Trondheim to judge the regular classes and Ms. Erika Peters ("Tygrys") doing the Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes honors.

Best in Puppy Sweepstakes to Horizon Rock Solid (breeders/owners Pam Johnson, Linda Syner and Kamgaard), a son of SBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kover Your Tracks ex SBIS/UBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kameo Appearance who was the Best in Veteran Sweepstakes winner!  Like mom, like son!!  Best of Opposite Sex to Best in Veteran Sweepstakes to American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kodiak Snowbear owned by Mary Jo Benedetti.

In the regular classes, Mrs. Indergaard found her Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and BEST OF BREED!!! over 6 Champions in our Kamgaard Kekekabic from the Bred By Exhibitor class for a big 5 point major with Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed going to our Ch. Kamgaard Kut Above in his very first specials outing, ably handled by Sue Ratz.  The Select Dog award went to Kut Above's litter brother, Ch. Graafin Kapri's Steele Blue Kenaz owned by Ginger Leeuwenburg and shown by Adam Bernardin and the Select Bitch award going to the Veteran Sweepstakes winner, Kameo Appearance.

WOW!  If this weren't enough, the comments of our Norwegian judge saying that she felt "Kekka" was superior to the Elghunds she had judged in Norway the previous week-end along with her presentation of two beautiful and treasured pewter Norwegian Kennel Klub plates bearing the club's Elkhound logo just made our hearts swell with pride.

Picnic and meeting over, we soon learned that wasn't the end of the great news.  A call from Kristi Wehking in Wisconsin proudly announced that Kekka's litter brother "Teddy", Sangrud Kamgaard Kolbjorn was Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a 3 point major earlier in the day at the Janesville-Beloit Kennel Club under Mr. Rick Byrd. 

Sibling rivalry at its best! 

May 3rd 

Welcome to the Klone Zone!

Six weeks old today, below are photos of the Kobi x Kasey boys taken on Sunday:

All we have to say is "Thank Heavens for color-coded collars!"

May 1st 


There was no dancing around the maypole for "Kabbie" and owner Mallory Golladay this week-end!  We heard from this excited team that they completed the requirements for Kabbie's AKC Companion Dog title today at the St. Paul Dog Training Club in Minnesota.  With a score of 191 on Saturday and 180-1/2 today, these were the second and third legs needed for Kabbie to become

Ch. Kamgaard Kaballero CD NA TDI VNEX

What is even more amazing is that Kabbie is just two weeks short of his eleventh birthday, proving you are never too old to be king!


We also had a call today from Christine Tilburg of Maine telling us of her wonderful agility dog "Grendel" a/k/a Cimmerian J-G Beowulf's Bane RE MX MXJ OAP OJP OF who has been ranked in the top 5 agility Elkhounds by the AKC for the last four years.  He is a son of our SBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kommander In Chief.  Here is a practice clip of Grendel doing his thing:


Elkhounds don't have to be just beautiful, but they do need to be SOUND of mind and body to compete in performance events!


April 22nd 


are in order on this Good Friday for Lisa and Arielle Bank and

NEW CHAMPION Kamgaard Klearly Kommander Keeno

who finished his Canadian Championship today at the Guelph and District Kennel Club by going Winners Dog, Best of Winners, and Best of Breed for 2 points as well as Best Puppy under Walter Pinsker.

April 9th 

BIG CONGRATULATIONS go today to Mabel and Larry Diamond and breeder Ginger Leeuwenburg, all owners of NEW CHAMPION Graafin Kuttin' A Rugg KNK (a/k/a "Gunnar") who finished his title today at the Troy Kennel Club under judge Gayle Bontecou ("Gayleward").  A son of Ch. Kamgaard Konscious Kontact ("Ruggmor") owned by Carol Watt, "Gunnar" is the very first Champion for the Diamonds!

Your first Champion is always THE BEST!

March 26-29th 

A somewhat quiet week here watching puppies grow ... can't think of a better way to spend it!  They are big, beautiful, quite silver, vocal!, and uniform puppies and "Kasey" is a model mom.  Photos below taken at one week:

CONGRATULATIONS this week go to

Toni Sibrel who tells us that "ZigBee" (Kamgaard Katch The Buzz) got his second Open Standard leg in Agility on Friday with a score of 95 and placed third in the 20" class.  Way to go, Zig!

and to Ginger Leeuwenburg and Ch. Graafin Kapri's Steele Blue Kenaz (co-bred by Kamgaard) on his three Best of Breed awards and a GR4 at the New Brunswick and Bronx County KC shows held in New Jersey this week-end.  A nice start for "Kenaz" and his new handler, Adam Bernardin. 

March 22nd 

Announcing the arrival today of five puppies -- all BOYS!

To sire Ch. Kamgaard Kut Above ("Kobi") and dam SBIS Ch. Kamgaard Kase In Point ("Kasey")

Babies and "mom" are doing fine and Kasey is handling things like a real pro!



March 17th 

While on the subject of international congratulations, we tip our hat to yet another Kriega grandson, Irish Ch. Whittimere Pandemonium who was BEST IN SHOW today at the St. Patrick's Day Championship Show in Dublin, Ireland!!!   Happy wishes go out to Jerry and Nancy Daly ("Ennafort") his owners and Robert Greaves and Nicola Croxford ("Whittimere") the breeders of "Odin."  What a way to spend St. Patrick's Day!!!


March 12th 



once again go to English/Irish Ch. Kestos I Spy at Graythor ("Kris") for his FOURTH! Best of Breed at the world-famous Crufts show in England under breeder-judge Mr. Michael Sharman ("Naraena").  This photo sent by an American fancier reminds us so much of his sire, English/American/Canadian Ch. Kestos Kriega who spent several years with us before being returned home to England. 

Best wishes go to his owners Brian and Linda Middleton who are keeping this now Veteran dynamo ready for even more challenges.

February 25th 

Today we mark the passing and mourn the loss of Lana J. Hall of Rikkana Norwegian Elkhounds.  It's difficult to put thoughts into words about the loss of someone who has been a large part of your life for over forty years.  While we certainly had our fair share of ups and downs in that span of time, in the end we had managed to put many differences aside to work together and share knowledge, dogs, thoughts and gene pools.  I doubt there will ever be another like her and our Elkhound world will be far poorer without her.  She inspired and helped to make dreams come true for many through her guidance, sharing and encouragement.

While we are happy that she is finally at peace and with Rick and the many beautiful silver dogs who were no doubt waiting for her, it doesn't make it any easier on this side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Farewell, dear friend.


February 19th 

In what is turning out to be a very long and snowy winter, we find ourselves just getting through the days, keeping everything shoveled, plowed, woodstove going and dogs all happy is a day's work.  We haven't attended any shows, but have a little bit of good news from Lisa Bank in Canada and that is to say that her Kamgaard Klearly Kommander Keeno was Winners Dog and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed today at the Ontario Breeders Association show under Mr. Fred Dewsbury for another point.


Lots of fun Elkhound snow photos have been sent and received, but we particuarly like this one from Lynda Tarnowski in Canada of her "Zane", American/Canadian Ch. Wrathwood's Zane The Grey, a litter brother to our late Kakabeka... we think it says it all!:

Roll on spring!


January 28th-29th 

Cold, cold weather all over, but Kamgaard Katch The Buzz ("ZigBee") was HOT in Chicago!

January 28 - Chain O'Lakes Kennel Club - Winners Dog for 1 point under Tom Kilcullen

January 29 - Park Shore Kennel Club - Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a 4 point major under Helen Lee James!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to owners Toni Sibrel and Peter Bojan!!!  Hmmm, if "Zig" got a moose antler chew for Christmas...

what ever did he get for these wins???!!!

January 18th 

The final show results have been tabulated and posted in the Dog News magazine and we are happy to announce that "Trevor" -- SBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kover Your Tracks has made the Top Ten Elkhound roster for 2010!!  Goal attained!

We were also thrilled to see that our favorite "other than Elkhound" dog, "Dodger" the Smooth Fox Terrier, BIS/SBIS GCh. J'cobe Kemosabe Vigilante Justice (see has been proclaimed #1 Dog All-Breeds in what was the most dramatic, down-to-the-wire, coast-to-coast race and finish probably ever witnessed.  Through it all, we grew to admire even more the tenacity of owner-handler Amy Booth as she faced tremendous pressure both in and out of the ring week in and week out while posting an amazing total of 105 lifetime Best in Show awards -- over 70 of them in 2010 alone -- to also become the all-time top winning Smooth.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! to Amy, husband Phil and co-owners Howard and Sandra Hoffen on a dream come true and to "Dodger" -- one class act!

January 1st 

Happy New Year to Elkhounders worldwide!  May 2011 be one of peace and prosperity for all!

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