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 Kamgaard Elkhounds In Everyday Life 
Every Kamgaard Elkhound's primary mission in life is to bring happiness to the special owners who have taken our dogs into their hearts. We hope you enjoy some of the lighter moments shared on this page.

A fun photo received from Toni Sibrel and Pete Bojan who took "Violet" (Ch. Kamgaard Kall Me Inkredible) to the Elk Grove forest preserve near Chicago to meet an elk up close and personal.  After the initial encounter, they decided to be friends!



Elkhounds?  Hiking?  They go together like soap and water!  A beautiful scene sent to us by Christine and Charles Tilburg taken in Camden, Maine.  Closest to Charles is "Rogue"  (Kamgaard Katch The Wave RN) with his buddy "Grendel" (Cimmerican J-G Beowulf's Bane RE MX MXJ MXP2 MXPB MJP3 MJPB OF) who is a Kommander In Chief son, on the left.  Lucky dogs!

"It always helps to have that pleading look when your owner is shopping on eBay!"says "Trac" (American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kaministiquia of Wrathwood).  Who knows?  Maybe "momma Lynda" is searching for bargain toys or bones for me!

It's fun to be the unofficial school mascot! says "Kelsey" (Ch. Fanarok Kamgaard Kelsey) shown here with her young owner Keenan Ackerman (upper right) on the first day back to school.  Kelsey takes great delight in walking Keenan to school in New York City every day and attracts attention all the time in doing so.

"MY Rooster!"  says Kamgaard Koda Kann Kelly.  Owners Sallee and Butch Kelly of North Carolina tell us that "Mr. Rooster" is one of Koda's favorite things in life and he has been known to do party entertainment with him.  Gotta love these crazy dogs!

It never ceases to amaze us how small our world is and how "connected" our Elkhound family members are!  When we received this French magazine photo clipping from our friend Alex Tsonias in Greece, we had to chuckle as it is noneother than Kamgaard Torsten MSLF and his devoted owner David Rockefeller.  While "Hans" is happy at his beautiful home on the Hudson River, David has told us his favorite place is their home on Mount Desert Island in Maine, and "Hans" sits happily in the bow on the boat on the trip over to the island.

Hello!  C'mon in!  At almost 13 years of age, hostess "Phina" (Kamgaard Kaution To The Wind) is the official greeter and queen of her castle.  She shares her home with "Truman" a rescued Greyhound and Kim and Glenn Dressler who have provided both of them with a most wonderful life.

Sadly, "Phina" crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on October 14, 2008 with Kim, Glenn and Truman at her side at home, at age 13+.  We can never thank the Dresslers enough for giving her such a loving home.

"Jag in Lights!"

"Center court" during the Maryland Women's Basketball games was SBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kommander In Chief with his co-owner, Pam Johnson.  They're "thinking pink" to honor Breast Cancer survivors.

Snowflakes are in the air and here's a holiday greeting from one of the best snugglers we know of!  King of the pillow re-arrangers is Kamgaard Knock On Wood according to owners John and Susan Franzis.  "Chip" looks pretty comfy to us!

Fall is in the air and some of us are thinking of Halloween.   

Ch. Kamgaard Katch The Buzz, CGC is having one devil of a time deciding what to wear!  Whatever his garb, he keeps his owners Toni Sibrel and Peter Bojan in stitches every day!


After a big win and a successful trip to the Canadian National, SBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kodiak Snowbear gets treated to a new custom fit cool down coat by owner Mary Jo Cieply. Spoiled? No, just a cool guy!

Kamgaard Kindi's One And Only gets ready for summer and tries out her beach goggles for owners Patti and Dale Johnson. Surf's up!

While we cannot trial our Elkhounds in the United States, this is the kind of photo which makes a breeder's heart sing! Five month old Kamgaard Toutounne is pictured with her young owners after hunting her first moose in northern Quebec, Canada. Comments? "She is SO clever!...and wants to go again!"

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