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 News 2018 
December 25th 

December 20th 

A few days after the Orlando successes, we received an email entitled "Kamgaard Kids RULE!!!!" along with the following link:

CONGRATS again to Grey, Rune and Rogue and their devoted "moms" Cheryl and Christine... you BOTH make us very proud!!!

December 14th - 16th 

Time once again for the AKC Agility Invitational in Orlando, Florida and representing us once again was Cheryl Cramer with "Grey" (now Ch. MACH2 Kamgaard Kovered In Grey MXC MJB2 OF T2B) along with her buddy "Rune" (GCh. Kamgaard Kryptic Kharacter AX AXJ OF) who both qualified for the competition.

Could we hope that "Grey" would put in yet another super performance?  Could we hope that "Rune" would stay on course?  After three days of competition and the dust had settled, here were the results:


  • 4 clear rounds in the Invitational competition as well as earning her Time 2 Beat title in the T2B warmup run the day before.
  • Finished 16th out of about 120 dogs competing in the 20" height group -- only 2 seconds away from making it into the final round
  • 3rd place in the Hound Group, winning a cash award.
  • Finished #8 of all dogs (all heights - about 160) competing who also hold a Conformation title
  • Awarded Top Elkhound breed medallion for the THIRD!!! year in a row


  • Got one clear round in standard
  • Picked up a Time To Beat leg
  • Finished third among the five Elkhounds invited on her first try in Orlando

You can find a link to their runs here:

We are beyond thrilled for this threesome -- all of their hard work has paid off once again.


December 9th 

A happy phone call this afternoon from Mallory Golladay to say that her new puppy Kamgaard Kick Up Your Heels ("Skipper") went to his very first show and had a blast.

Where:  Skokie Valley Kennel Club (Illinois)

Event:  4-6 month Puppy competition

Judge:  Dr. John Davidson

Result:  Best of Breed and 3rd in the Hound Group owner-handled by Mallory


November 29th 

Long time, no write!  Actually not a lot to report for the most part having some "down time" from shows and doing some never-ending house repairs instead.

Love the photo above received from John and Susan Franzis of their puppy Kamgaard Kan You Kuddle Me Now ("Bennie") and his girlfriend "Jazzy" who found this plastic sign out on a daily walk.  Definitely "Elkhound language"!

The last week-end of November saw us off to Springfield, Massachusetts for the South Windsor Kennel Club show with a 5 point major entry under judge John Wade.  A very nice Best of Breed went to our SBIS GCh. Kamgaard Kintyre ("Marnie"). 

Home the following day we had a happy email from England to say that Marnie's sire, SBIS American Grand/Canadian/UK Ch. Kamgaard Kut Above ("Kobi") was Best Champion Hound and Best Veteran in Show at the Stockport Canine Society show winning lots of loot!: 

Sending out a big CONGRATULATIONS to very happy Gaylean Lyne on recently finishing the Championship on her Syringa's Timeless Gem with FIVE! majors from the Bred By Exhibitor class at the recent Idaho shows.  She is a daughter of our Ch. Horizon Rock Solid.  Well done!

September 26th - October 8th 

Home for a week and then off across the pond to England and Wales to visit with friends and family.  Not that many dog activities this time but a day spent at Kestos is always something to look forward to.  We did also get to attend the South Wales Kennel Association Championship show at the Royal Welsh showgrounds and met with many Elkhound friends and a few four-legged relatives.  Pictured below is SBIS American Grand/Canadian/UK Ch. Kamgaard Kut Above ("Kobi") who won his Veteran class there and is guarding his family's belongings on the bench.  Clever boy!

Home again, home again...

September 15th 

Once in Ohio, we got to spend a couple of days meeting and evaluating puppies from the Ch. Kamgaard Kut To The Point ("Gibbs") x Ch. Powdermill Remember Me ("Poppy") litter co-owned and co-bred with Claudia and Dan Holst.  We selected three individuals to pursue show, performance and hopefully breeding careers with their new owners.  Kamgaard Kover Girl (Holst), Kamgaard Kick Up Your Heels (Golladay) and Kamgaard Klassic Mystic Waters (Kabala) are all attending puppy kindergarten classes with their new owners in various locations and we look forward to their debuts.

September 8th - 15th 

A long-awaited day!  After a year plus of committee planning, the 50th anniversary specialties of our Garden State Norwegian Elkhound Club were finally here.  Loads of hospitality, good food, an excellent entry from near and far, very special trophies and judges Ralf and Lisbeth Campbell ("Tallo") from Norway officiating.  What more could we ask for?  Great company... and that was in the form of Vanessa McHugh who flew in from England days prior to share in the celebrations with us and was a great help.  Our thanks go to all who made this a very special day.

I don't think we could be too much happier with the outcome in that BOTH Best of Breed winners, SBIS GCh. Strom Bjornlass Jitterbug Jack and SBIS Ch. Sangrud Thorbjorn Bodin carry Kamgaard ancestors on both sides of their pedigrees.  Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed at BOTH specialties was our special girl, SBIS GCh. Kamgaard Kintyre ("Marnie") and proving that she is not only beautiful but part of an ongoing program, her 8 month old daughter (by Bodin, above), Kamgaard Kounterpoint ("Fiona") thrilled us no end when she was selected as Winners Bitch for a big 5 point major by Mrs. Campbell.  Select Bitch at BOTH specialties was Marnie's litter sister, Ch. Kamgaard Kryptic Kharacter AX AXJ OF ("Rune") owned by Cheryl Cramer and beautifully handled by Sue Ratz.  With her first win in the morning, Rune completed the requirements for her Grand Champion title.  Also an Award of Merit was given to Ch. Kamgaard Kleared For Takeoff ("Polo") with special mention of her excellent movement.

Beautiful girls all, but much of the credit for them goes to their awesome dam and granddam, SBIS RBIS American Grand/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kase In Point ("Kasey") who at 11+ years of age was on hand to oversee all, win her Veteran classes and Brood Bitch class under Mr. Campbell with high praise for her producing abilities.  

SBIS GCh. Kamgaard Kintyre ("Marnie")

new GCh. Kamgaard Kryptic Kharacter AX AXJ OF ("Rune")

Kamgaard Kounterpoint ("Fiona")

A few more days of visiting and shopping with Vanessa before she flew home midweek and then we were off to Ohio where Ch. Kamgaard Kleared For Takeoff ("Polo") was Best of Breed at the Licking River Kennel Club show under Mr. Jeff Bazell and we got to see and evaluate a co-owned litter by Ch. Kamgaard Kut To The Point ("Gibbs") and Ch. Powdermill Remember Me ("Poppy").  Five peas in a pod and we were overall pleased with this breeding.

...a little rest before the next adventure...

August 31st 

A short jaunt to the Newton Kennel Club show in New Jersey for a little practice with puppy "Fiona" (Kamgaard Kounterpoint) on a cool and rainy day.  The weather didn't dampen her spirits at all and she put in a very nice performance going Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed under Mr. Michael Canalizo ("Grandeur") as well as 2nd in a lovely Puppy Group under Mrs. Priscilla Gabosch. 

Home to dry out and warm up!

August 12th - 15th 

Good news from Cheryl Cramer to say that "Rune" has finally cracked it!  She managed to achieve the final Excellent Standard leg in agility so that she can now progress to Masters level.  The happening was at the Kruisin Kanines Agility Club in Pottstown, PA under judge Dan Faulkner -- video link below.

So she is now Ch. Kamgaard Kryptic Kharacter AX AXJ OF

BIG CONGRATULATIONS on the new title and persistance does pay off!

Several days later we were very pleased to read a lovely judge's critique of Rune's sire, "Kobi" following his recent BEST IN SHOW win at the Norwegian Elkhound Club of Great Britain Open show.  It is as follows:

"Ch/Am Ch/Can Ch Kamgaard Kut Above (imp USA).  This is a super dog with a lovely outline, excellent structure:  everything I expect in the breed.  Moved very well - an absolute delight (Best In Show)"

(signed) David Cavill


August 3rd - 5th 

Three cheers for the Brothers Three!

Sibling boys had a great week-end starting with American/Australian Ch. Kamgaard Kutting Edge winning his fifth Hound Group Blue at the Wagga Wagga All-Breeds Kennel Club show in Australia.  "Seth" followed this up with a Runner-Up (Reserve) Best in Show under Mrs. J. Keenan from Victoria.  SO pleased to hear of this great success after a long hiatus from the ring.  CONGRATULATIONS to owner/handler Craig Evans.

The above news was followed up by an exciting email from Christine Tilburg to say that litter brother PACH Kamgaard Katch The Wave RAE ("Rogue") has earned the title of the #1 Preferred Norwegian Elkhound in Agility for 2017 and they will be heading off to the Invitational!!!  CONGRATULATIONS on all your hard work which has certainly paid off!

Chiming in on the heels of the message above was one from Marlene Schlichtig to say that younger brother Ch. Kamgaard Kodak Moment had gotten his first qualifying leg in AKC Agility, so working in a new area to hopefully add to his twenty-some-odd titles already.  CONTINUED SUCCESS to Marlene and "Jack." 

July 20th - 22nd 

Two shows this week-end for Ch. Kamgaard Kleared For Takeoff ("Polo") -- the Putnam Kennel Club on Friday and the Hudson River Valley Hound Association specialty on Sunday.  Unfortunately again Polo was the lone Elkhound entry both times, so two more Best of Breed awards without competition.  :-(  Pleased with the way she is presenting herself and nice comments on her from Friday's breed and group judge Amy Sorbie and Sunday's breed and group judge, Cheryl Patterson from Canada.

July 14th - 15th 

For sure a HOLY COW WOW week-end on many counts!!

First, two more titles for Ch/UKC Ch. Kamgaard Kodak Moment;

WCFO Freestyle - Beginner Novice Heelwork To Music - W-FD/HTM

WCRL Rally - Level 3-A  - L3A

which brings "Jack" up to 23 titles in many disciplines.

CONGRATULATIONS to Marlene and Jack!

BIG overseas congratulations went on Saturday to Bryony Gray and Strom Footloose for Grasilva on the completion of his UK Championship from the Veteran Dog class at the Houndshow under judge Graham Hill.  "Ren" is the import son of Ch. Kamgaard Kan You Hear Me Now.

Later that day the Norwegian Elkhound Club of Great Britain held their annual Open show at the same venue and this time it was the turn of another Veteran...

to SBIS American Grand/Canadian/UK Ch. Kamgaard Kut Above (Kobi") under judge David Cavill ("Toveri")

MEGA CONGRATULATIONS and thanks to co-owner Stuart Horner happily handling him above. 

Meanwhile...back across the pond... five new puppies were born to the Kobi son Ch. Kamgaard Kut To The Point ("Gibbs") and UK import, Ch. Powdermill Remember Me ("Poppy");

Contentment personified!

and... on Sunday...

We were happy to have a new Champion in our beloved "Welsh wonder" Kestos Yankee Dreamer ("Brecon") who completed her title with Winners Bitch/Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed at the Twin Brooks Kennel Club under Mr. Richard Reynolds.

July 1st 

... and what would Canada Day be without another pose from Kamgaard Northern Silver Spirit??!!

June 26th 

Another title for Ch./UKC Ch. Kamgaard Kodak Moment ("Jack"):

HTM (Heelwork To Music) Beginner Title

June 23rd 

A trip to a local showground which has always had a quintessential country fair feel to it and that is the Mid Hudson Kennel Association show -- always enjoy being here.  Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed to Ch. Kamgaard Kleared For Takeoff ("Polo") under Patricia Trotter and 2nd in the 4 to 6 month Puppy Hound Group for Kamgaard Kounterpoint ("Fiona") under Margaret Rogan.

June 10th 

A singular entry but a nice day out none the less.  Best of Breed at the Longshore-Southport Kennel Club show to Ch. Kamgaard Kleared For Takeoff under judge Theresa Hundt, who has a handler showed many Elkhounds and had nice praise for "Polo."  Young Kamgaard Kounterpoint ("Fiona") came along for the ride and loved watching her auntie in the breed and group rings and met lots of new friends.

June 4th 

Exciting news from Canada that Kamgaard Klearly Kunstverk won his first Canadian major today and Best of Breed at the Erie Shores Kennel Club show under judge David Wong of Australia ("Crookrise").  "Kubo" is handled by Tessa Vildaer for happy owners Teresa and Don Cloutier.


June 3rd 

Every dog has to start somewhere! 

Making her first show outing today was four month old Kamgaard Kounterpoint ("Fiona") at the Newton Kennel Club's all-breed match where she was awarded Best Puppy in Match under judge Linda Baker ("Elba").

She had a blast!

June 1st 

Another nice win today at the Southern Counties Canine Association Championship show in England for the Kobi son, Ellahyde Fine N'Dandi -- see photo at News blog of May 23rd.  "Toki" was Reserve Best Dog under Finnish judge, Reino Korpela.  Keep up the good work, Danni!

May 28th 

Happy news from across the pond!  We were pleased to learn today of the new UK Championship of Grasilva Little Rock avec Gilkaro ("Flint").  He is of course the son of our Ch. Horizon Rock Solid and Ch. Kamgaard Kiamesha who flew to the UK via Belgium in whelp.  Winning his third Challenge Certificate today came at the Bath Canine Society Championship show under breeder-judge Stuart Horner ("Kinderhorn").

CONGRATULATIONS to owners Helen and Alan Tress!!!

May 23rd 

A very overdue update!  While we ourselves have little show news to report, it surely doesn't mean we haven't been busy!

After dealing with more snow than we would like to think about...which lasted well into April... we were finally able to get puppies from our January litter by SBIS Ch. Sangrud Thorbjorn Bodin to SBIS GCh. Kamgaard Kintyre off to their new homes and all are settled in and giving their new owners much joy.

On the performance front, Ch. Kamgaard Kryptic Kharacter OA AXJ OF ("Rune") continues on with her agility trials (and sometimes tribulations!) while continuing to entertain the crowds with her antics, but she has recently gotten another Excellent Standard leg at the Wilmington Kennel Club trial under Dawn Glaser-Falk:

In Canada, young Kamgaard Klearly Kunstverk ("Kubo"), pictured above has been exploring the world of Barn Hunt at a workshop in Ontario and doing well on his first try.  In addition, he put in a good performance at the Arnprior Canine Association shows.  Unfortunately, he was the only Elkhound there but drew some noteworthy praise from one handler who certainly knows the breed!  Proud owners and Teresa and Don Cloutier.

Mid-April found Maggie flying off across the pond again to attend the Sapphire Anniversary show of the Norwegian Elkhound Club of Great Britain.  The first port of call was the Kestos Kennel and from there, Babs and Maggie spent a wonderful day at the show joined by good friends Gill Bingham and Ann Roslin-Williams.  Lots of special events planned, Norwegian judge, a program and a champagne and cake social time afterward.  All in all, just a great time and pleased with SBIS American Grand/Canadian/UK Ch. Kamgaard Kut Above ("Kobi") winning a quality Veteran Dog class and (better yet!) Kobi's son Ellahyde Fine N' Dandi ("Toki"), pictured below, winning not only his class but the Reserve Challenge Certificate.

CONGRATULATIONS to Stuart Horner ("Kobi") and Dannie Medhurst ("Toki")!

Back to Kestos for a few days, then on into Wales and finally to Reading, visiting friends and family and home once again.

A nice Owner-Handler Hound Group 3rd on May 4th for Claudia Holst and Ch. Kamgaard Kut To The Point ("Gibbs") at the Badger Kennel Club show under judge Colonel Joe Purkhiser pictured above.

No NEAA National for us this year, but pleased to hear that the Select Dog award in this huge entry went to the sire of our puppies, SBIS Ch. Sangrud Thorbjorn Bodin ("Bode") in his first outing as a Champion.  His pedigree sports quite a few Kamgaard ancestors and he was also the sire of the Best in Futurity winner there.  CONGRATULATIONS to Kristi Wehking, Karen Elvin, and Brad and Cindy Wagner!!

... and finally... off to the Ladies Kennel Association of America show on Long Island on May 18th with Ch. Kamgaard Kleared For Takeoff ("Polo") who was Best of Breed under Denise Flaim and on to a lovely 2nd in the Hound Group under Irish judge Ann Ingram ("Tirkane")!   Photo above.

March 17th 

No luck of the Irish today... just a LOT of hard work and determination!

Hats off and HUGE CONGRATULATIONS go out to Christine Tilburg and Kamgaard Katch The Wave RAE who today added the PACH agility title to the beginning of his name at a trial in Massachusetts under judge Ken Fairchild.

February 22nd - 24th 

While the snow and ice continues to fall here, we have had some great news from warmer climes:

Firstly an email from Marlene Schlichtig tells us that Ch. Kamgaard Kodak Moment ("Jack") is now up to 24 titles with the addition of his American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen and Canine Good Citizen Advanced titles.

On Saturday, an email from "down under" announced that American/Australian Ch. Kamgaard Kutting Edge ("Seth") was the Best of Breed selection of master breeder Bill Shelton ("Coventry") at the Canberra Royal Show in good competition.

Sunday was the annual meeting and Contest of Champions of the Norwegian Elkhound Club of Great Britain.  SBIS American Grand/Canadian/UK Ch. Kamgaard Kut Above ("Kobi") was proclaimed Veteran of the Year and awarded the Lupton Susan Veteran Cup and the Thingvollr Variety Cup for his ring accomplishments last year.  At the Contest, the mystery judge was Mike Caple ("Morsefield") who awarded Kobi Best Veteran Dog.

CONGRATULATIONS to Kobi and his two sons!!

February 14th 


from that Canadian Cupid, Kamgaard Northern Silver Spirit ("Koda")

January 25th - 27th 

There's nothing like a "three-peat" and a new


Kamgaard Kall Me Inkredible, RA ("Violet")

and owners Toni Sibrel and Peter Bojan on the following wins in Illinois:

1/25 - WB/BOS - Park Shore Kennel Club - Judge, Doug Johnson ("Clussexx")

1/26 - WB/BOS - Chain O'Lakes Kennel Club - Judge, Sulie Greendale-Paveza

1/27 - WB/BOS - Park Shore Kennel Club - Judge, Debbie Campbell-Freeman

January 18th 

While ice and snow prevented some from getting to the Manchester Dog Show Society's Championshiip show at the Stafford showgrounds in the United Kingdom today, not so for Grasilva Little Rock Avec Gilkaro JW who won both the Dog Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed under Mr. Mark Cocozza ("Freecloud").  Son of our Ch. Horizon Rock Solid and Ch. Kamgaard Kiamesha, this was "Flint's" second CC.  Unfortunately due to weather conditions, his dam and litter sister along with our Kobi didn't make it to the show.  :-(


January 12th - 14th 

Two new Best of Breed awards for Ch. Kamgaard Kodak Moment BN RN TKN at the Friday and Saturday shows of the Greater Fredericksburg Kennel Club in Virginia.  "Jack's" wins came from Mr. Charles Olvis on Friday and Mrs. Pat Trotter ("Vin-Melca") on Saturday which was a supported entry of the Norwegian Elkhound Club of the Potomac Valley.

Meanwhile in the frozen north of Maine, Jack's older brother Kamgaard Katch The Wave RAE MXP MJP RN ("Rogue") had a wonderful agility week-end winning two more sets of QQ's toward his PACH degree as well as two 1st places, one 2nd place and one 3rd place.  He is looking pretty pleased with himself!

CONGRATULATIONS, BROTHERS!! as well as Marlene and Christine.

Starting the New Year out on the right paw!!!

January 3rd 

Not the way we would like to start the New Year out, but today we are mourning the death of our dear friend Brian Stokes, husband of Barbara ("Babs") Stokes of the famous Kestos kennel in Wales.  One of the loveliest people we have ever known, he always had a hug for you, a twinkle in his eye and a good story to tell.  Somehow visits to Kestos will never be the same.

Rest in Peace Brian, and know how very much you were loved.

January 1st 


Here's hoping 2018 will bring peace, health and prosperity to you and your dogs!

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