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 News 2014 
December 31st 

We think one of the many joys of being a breeder comes at Christmastime when our post box fills with greetings of all sorts from many corners of the globe.  Some of the best "gifts" of all are in the form of the many letters, notes and photos we find tucked into cards telling us how wonderful the dogs and puppies from us are, how they have grown, what integral roles they play in the household, etc.  All music to our ears!

As we reflect on 2014 and all its many blessings, hard work and not too many disappointments (!), we look with pride to over a half century of breed stewardship, a growing number of associates, ever-better stock and exciting plans for the New Year.

We wish our friends a healthy, happy and prosperous 2015!

December 25th 

To all our friends around the world


December 13th-14th 


to Cheryl Cramer and "Grey" (Ch. Kamgaard Kovered In Grey MX MXJ OF) on turning in some great performances at the AKC National Agility Invitational competition.  Four clean runs out of five placed her second among the five Elkhounds invited to compete.  Best yet, according to Cheryl, "Grey" had a BALL -- never stressed and handled the big event and crowds with ease.

Further, we just learned that after the third round, there is a calculation for "Top Scoring Dog With A Conformation Title" which placed "Grey" #9 out of all dogs competing at all jump heights!  The highest placement ever earned by a Norwegian Elkhound at this competition!!!  Beauty and brains in one package!


December 10th 

Thinking good thoughts today for Cheryl Cramer and Ch. Kamgaard Kovered In Grey MX MXJ OF  ("Grey") as they push off for Florida to compete at the AKC  National Agility Invitational competition in Orlando.  We are SO proud of both of you!!

December 6th-7th 

On Saturday came welcome news from Australia that "Seth" (American/Australian Ch. Kamgaard Kutting Edge) had won yet another Hound Group... this time at the ACT Ladies Kennel Club, Inc. under Ms. R. Williams from New Zealand.  What a great year it has been for this 3 year old who still tops Australia's Show Dog of the Year National Leaderboard for group placements by a wide margin.  While proud of that fact, what is even more heartening to us are the photos below of Seth with his young master, Austin Evans competing in Junior Handling:

We all recognize the importance of encouraging the next generation, so


on your recent Junior Handling placements... keep up the great work!

Sunday morning found the Kamgaard van gently maneuvering down an icy hill to be on the way to the last show of the year for us, the Eastern Dog Club in West Springfield, Massachusetts, a supported entry of the Norwegian Elkhound Minuteman Association.  Two passengers were onboard with Maggie and they made a wonderful showing.  Reserve Winners Bitch went to Kamgaard Kaaterskill ("Rosie") from the Bred By Exhibitor class and besting her for Winners Bitch was our Kamgaard Kintyre ("Marnie") from the 6-9 month Puppy class.  Not satisfied to stop there, Marnie went on to defeat three Champion bitches for Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed and bring home a big 5 point major as well as Best Puppy.  BIG THANKS go to June Matarazzo for showing Marnie so beautifully!

What a wonderful way to end what has been a stellar year in the ring for us!  Thanks to all for the encouragement, cooperation and support shown... it never goes unnoticed and true friends are a blessing!

November 25th 

With both Thanksgiving and an impending snowstorm on the horizon, it's maybe a good time to update the website!  It's been a little while since the last installment, but certainly not because there hasn't been news -- just never enough time!

The beginning of November found Sally returning from the United Kingdom at the same time as Linda Atcheson came flying in from Bermuda to spend a good few days with us before we all headed out to work at the Garden State Norwegian Elkhound Club agility trial on November 7-9.  We had a great time with lots of good performances and quite a few Elkhounds out there keeping the breed banner flying.  BIG CONGRATULATIONS go to Pam Johnson on earning a MACH title on Corgi "Austin" and to Cheryl Cramer for earning a second PACH title on Elkhound "Casey" -- super that they both happened at our trial!

On the subject of agility, Cheryl has had some good results with "Grey" (Ch. Kamgaard Kovered In Grey MX MXJ OF) in recent trials including multiple Q's this past week-end in New Jersey.  She is doing better all the time and speed is increasing!

This past Saturday Kamgaard Knobody Does It Better At Elvemel ("Adele") won her first point at the South Windsor Kennel Club show under Mr. Alberto Berrios going Winners Bitch as well as Best Puppy.  Recently, Adele and owner Lisa Peterson made a guest appearance on AKC This Week talking about participation in the AKC's new 4-6 month Puppy competition and the importance of mentors.  You can watch the video at:

Another "down under" Best of Breed on Sunday for American/Australian Ch. Kamgaard Kutting Edge ("Seth") at the Belconnen All Breeds Kennel Club show under Mrs. Suzette Monk.  Joining her dad on her very first outing was the Seth daughter, Norvaan Kausen A Kalamity ("Jane") who loved the whole show experience and won Best Baby Puppy in Group:

CONGRATULATIONS to Craig Evans and Anna-Lee Forsberg -- you are going to have lots of fun with these two!

Our Kobi x Poppy girls are growing like proverbial weeds and Poppy has turned out to be an excellent mom.  Dad Kobi has settled into his new English abode and is quite at home at Kinderhorn.

From young budding artist Michaela Michaels comes this precious drawing:

We wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and along with that goes our thanks for all of your support, faith in our dogs, sharing of experiences and friendship.  We have MUCH to be thankful for!

October 25th-26th 

Busy week-end!  Arriving a little earlier than expected on Saturday were two baby girls by SBIS American Grand/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kut Above ex Powdermill Remember Me.  Mom and babies doing fine!

Good news from Cheryl Cramer on Sunday came in the form of "Grey" gaining her Master Agility Excellent title at the Bloomsburg Agility Runners Club in Bloomsburg, PA under judge Howard Etzel.

She is now Ch. Kamgaard Kovered In Grey MX MXJ OF


October 22nd-23rd 

Following a summer filled with health tests, semen collection, veterinary prep work and paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork, Sally and "Kobi" (SBIS American Grand/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kut Above) headed out from JFK on Wednesday afternoon, landing in Belgium the following morning.  They were met at the Brussels airport by Bryony Gray and Vanessa McHugh who drove them through Belgium and France to the ferry at Dunkirk where they crossed the English Channel to the United Kingdom.  They made it through all the checkpoints without a hitch as all of Kobi's paperwork was in order thanks to the wonderful cooperation of Dr. Eric Hartelius and his staff.

"Kobi" will now reside in the United Kingdom with Stuart and Moe Horner and it is our hope that he will be able to contribute to the gene pool there as he has done in both this country and in Australia through his son "Seth" (American/Australian Ch. Kamgaard Kutting Edge).

October 18th-19th 

Ah!  mid-October -- our most beautiful time of the year here!

Two important specialties to report on this week-end.  First thing mid Saturday came the reports from the Norwegian Elkhound Association of Scotland's annual specialty judged by Liz Cartledge ("Ryslip").  The "energizer bunny" was at it again!  A great win for the 11 year old Kriega son, UK/Irish Ch. Kestos I Spy at Graythor JW ShCM in going Best in Show -- congratulations "Kris" and the Middletons!  The Challenge Certificate in bitches went to Bryony Gray's Ch. Grasilver Gwendoline Mary ("Gee"), a half-sister to our "Poppy."  Gee's daughter Grasilva Gee's Quest, sired by a son of GCh. Kamgaard Kan You Hear Me Now was Best Puppy in Show.  A bit of deja vu here as Maggie gave "Gee" the same award when she judged this show five years ago!

Later in the day came the welcome news from Canadian Lynda Tarnowski that her Kamgaard Kaministiquia of Wrathwood was Winners Dog at the Norwegian Elkhound Association of Minnesota specialty under master-breeder Marie Peterson ("Windy Cove") for a big 5 point major!  "Trac" also received one of three Award of Merits given in an entry which included nineteen in the Best of Breed competition.  That gives "Trac" his second major and it's interesting to note that three individuals from his litter have now won a 5 point major each in the last three week-ends... two at specialties!

On Sunday Kamgaard Katch The Wave RA OAP OJP attained his second Excellent Jumpers Leg in agility with owner Christine Tilburg.

Speed demon here had Christine out of breath -- 27 seconds flat!  WHEW!

October 12th 

A busy week here leading up to our Garden State Norwegian Elkhound Club specialty on Sunday held in conjunction with the Ramapo Kennel Club in Augusta, New Jersey.  It was wonderful to see FOUR! of the puppies from our Kobi x Kasey breeding competing -- the first time they have been together since leaving us and they all enjoyed their outing and "hanging with their sibs."

Puppy Sweepstakes started with breeder-judge Kent McFarlane ("Foxfyre") doing the honors and his Best in Sweepstakes went to Kamgaard Kryptic Kharacter ("Rune") owned by Cheryl Cramer and handled by Sue Ratz with litter brother Kamgaard Kodak Moment ("Jack") owned by the Schlichtigs going Best of Opposite Sex.  Best of Opposite Sex in the Veteran Sweepstakes went to BIS SBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kristorn CGC,RN,CD ("Holle") owned by Sherry Falk.

The regular classes were judged by Mr. Nat Horn ("Eastern Waters") and our star of the day was Kamgaard Kaaterskill ("Rosie") who was Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed for a big 5 point major!!!  Reserve Winners Bitch to Kamgaard Kryptic Kharacter and Select Bitch to the newly-crowned Ch. Kamgaard Kiamesha, litter sister to Kaaterskill.

Afterward a great picnic and meeting of the club was held in perfect autumn weather -- a wonderful end to a great day!

September 30th 

SBIS/UBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kameo Appearance

(August 13, 2003 - September 30, 2014)

A very dark day here in that one of our all-time favorites has made that dreaded trip to the Rainbow Bridge.  Winner of many specialties, an Utstilling, groups and the hearts of so many breeders, all-rounders and foreign judges over so many years, we always came to expect perfection from "Kami" and she delivered!  She is pictured on the occasion of that very special "last dance" winning the Veteran sweepstakes at this year's National Specialty under English breeder-judge, Mrs. Vanessa McHugh ("Conrick").

To Linda and Pam we send our heartfelt sympathy along with our genuine thanks for loving her, sharing her with us and presenting her so beautifully all these years.

September 27th-28th 

The first shows of the new season were good, good, good... although it hardly felt like autumn!  Leaving well before the crack of dawn, "Siri", "Marnie" (along for the ride) and Maggie drove to Long Island for the Suffolk County Kennel Club and Westbury Kennel Association shows where it was quite warm both days.  Saturday's judge was Mr. Tim Catterson who saw fit to award Kamgaard Kiamesha ("Siri") Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Breed over 3 Champions for a big 5 point major!!!  The following day at Westbury, Siri was again Winners Bitch under Mr. Gary Doerge for a major to finish her Championship!

Winning her first point on August 22nd to finishing on September 28th, Siri attended 5 shows, winning points at all, 3 majors, and 3 Best of Breed awards over Champions -- all from the Bred By Exhibitor class.

September 21st 

One of the things we enjoy on Sunday evenings is to catch up on all of the news from the Kamgaard team around the world by email or phone and this past week-end sure was a winner!

Due to the time difference, the "first responder" was Craig Evans in Australia who after a fourteen hour round-trip drive was most happy to report that American/Australian Ch. Kamgaard Kutting Edge ("Seth") had been Best of Breed at Australia's largest show, the Melbourne Royal under Mr. L. Catalan of Portugal.  Craig and Seth will make the drive again next week-end to compete in the group a full week after his breed win--that's just how big this show is!  Best of luck!!!... you have to know we will be rooting for you!

Seth's baby sibling Kamgaard Knobody Does It Better at Elvemel went to a match held by the prestigious and historic Morris and Essex Kennel Club and came home with a second in the Puppy Hound group under Connie Butherus ("Ararat") for owners Lisa and Ray Peterson.  Good going "Adele"!

A great email awaited from one of Adele's sisters, "Ruby" (Kamgaard Cerulean Sapphire Welch) and she is doing super in her new home with young owner Gillian Welch.  They are both waiting for colder weather and snow activities.

More emails from agility enthusiasts Christine Tilburg and Cheryl Cramer with good news and agility run videos of Kamgaard Katch The Wave RA OAP OJP ("Rogue") and Ch. Kamgaard Kovered In Grey AX MXJ OF and a very nice "Q" for "Grey"!

A happy phone message from Lynda Tarnowski to say that Kamgaard Kaministiquia of Wrathwood ("Trac") was Best of Breed and pulled in group at the Thunder Bay Kennel and Training Club in Canada under judge Maida Puterman.

and... all this catching up was done after we spent a day at the Newton Kennel Club match in New Jersey where Kamgaard Kintyre ("Marnie"--pictured below) won the Puppy Hound Group under judge Hank Scully ("Jamboree").

Thanks everyone for another great week-end!

September 18th 

Sending condolences today to Enid and Malcolm Hicks in Rivarennes, France on the loss of their BIS French/Luxembourg Ch. Malenibo Lleandryn ("Kai").  Kai, a son of Kamgaard Kapture The Moment was conceived in the United Kingdom and upon moving with his loving breeder-owners to France, did much to promote the breed in a country where it is not well known.

Rest in peace, Kai...

September 17th 

Can there possibly be anything cuter than Elkhound puppies?

A three week update photo received last week on the "down under" puppies from the September 1st News entry.  We can smell the puppy breath from here!

Congratulations once again go to Lisa and Ray Peterson and Kamgaard Knobody Does It Better at Elvemel ("Adele") on her Puppy Hound Group First at the Greenwich Kennel Club match last week-end.  Also sending "Across The Pond" Congratulations to the Kriega son, UK/Irish Ch. Kestos I Spy at Graythor JW ShCM ("Kris") and owners the Middletons on his Best in Show at the Norwegian Elkhound Club of Great Britain's Open show from the Special Veteran Class 10 years and over under judge Gary Winsor.  Energizer bunny!

September 6th 

Before the afternoon thunder, lightning and downpours, it was hot, hot and hotter with matching humidity at the Somerset Hills Kennel Club show in Bridgewater, New Jersey.  The Garden State Norwegian Elkhound Club held a supported entry here complete with get-together, meeting and picnic after the judging.  Our judge for the day was Mr. Alan Matthews of the famed Craigycor Pembroke Welsh Corgis of Northern Ireland.

The promise of a bitch major was soon dashed by absenteeism, but that made no difference to "Siri" (Kamgaard Kiamesha) who once again was Best of Breed from the Bred By Exhibitor class, this time over 3 male Champions garnering herself a 4 point major, handled by Sally.  Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed went to Ch. Horizon Rock Solid who is co-owned with Linda Syner and Pam Johnson.  Third in the 3-6 month Puppy Hound group went to Ray and Lisa Peterson's Kamgaard Knobody Does It Better at Elvemel ("Adele") under judge Jamie Hubbard ("Clussexx"), thus repeating her win of the previous day at the Tuxedo Park Kennel Club show under Mr. Desmond Murphy.

Meanwhile in Wisconsin, Adele's "big brother Gibbs" (Kamgaard Kut To The Point) picked up another point at the Kenosha Kennel Club under judge Marilyn Spacht.  Congratulations to owner-handler Claudia Holst!

September 3rd 

As word reached here this evening of the death of longtime Elkhound lover Robert ("Bob") Ness, we sat reflecting on all the many wonderful experiences we had with Bob and his family over the years.  Maggie worked with Bob and his wife Ruth in the early 70's to help to develop their Kirkssted Kennel and they were a very big part of our Kamgaard family.  From their initial puppies who grew up to be Ch. Kamgaard Kamelot, C.D. and SBIS Ch. Kamgaard Kiss Me Kate, C.D., we formed a very close bond and a decades long relationship grew and flourished.

Nobody could ever know a kinder, more compassionate and loving gentleman who gave of himself to so many causes and cared about so many things.  His life was rich and full and at age 92, we doubt that many people gave and got as much out of life as Bob did.

To his wife Ruth, sons David and Bill and daughter Carol we send our love and condolences.

Robert Kiracofe Ness

April 29, 1922 - September 1, 2014

Rest in peace, Bob... you will be forever loved

September 1st 

A quiet week here as we headed into the Labor Day week-end, but thought we would share two photos which were received during the week which brought many smiles;

from Australia came this photo of three newborns, the first litter sired by American/Australian Ch. Kamgaard Kutting Edge ex Australian Ch. Ausled Nors Daisy.  One boy, two girls -- chunky monkies!

from Canada we received this beautiful lake view of 4 month old Kamgaard Northern Silver Spirit on his dock up in Muskoka, Ontario.  As summer comes to a close, it's back to the Toronto burbs for "cottage boy" and his loving owners, the Boyds.

August 22nd - 24th 

Another WOW week-end!

Starting on Friday, baby "Adele" (Kamgaard Knobody Does It Better at Elvemel) went to her second 4-6 month Puppy competition held at the Northwestern Conn. Dog Club in Springfield, MA and came home with a creditable Best of Breed and 2nd in the Puppy Hound Group under Ms. Denise Arlynne Ross.  These competitions held in conjunction with regular shows are great as there seem to be fewer match shows about where puppies can gain ring experience and the youngsters soon get used to all of the sights and sounds of a real show.

At the same location on Saturday, it was the turn of the Newtown Kennel Club and Kamgaard Kiamesha ("Siri") was judged Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed under Ms. Lori Nelson ("Wildfire") for 2 points toward her Championship.  On Sunday at Springfield at the Elm City Kennel Club, "Siri" was again Winners Bitch and Best Of Winners but this time Best Of Breed over 2 male Champions under breeder-judge Rick Berger ("Galena Creek") for another 2 points.  Both wins were from the Bred By Exhibitor class.

Another 4-6 month Puppy competition was offered at Sunday's Elm City event and "Adele's" sister "Marnie" (Kamgaard Kintyre) had her first spin around the big ring which resulted in Best of Breed and Hound Group First... she LOVED it!  Judge was Ms. Janina Laurin ("Chateau Blanc") and win is pictured below.

Riding home from Springfield that evening, more good news arrived from Canada.  At the St. Croix Valley Kennel Club shows in Minnesota, "Siri's" brother "Trac" (Kamgaard Kaministiquia of Wrathwood), owned and shown by Lynda Tarnowski was Winners Dog the first day under judge Karen Wilson for a point and on Sunday was Winners Dog and Best of Winners for his first major under Linda More!

Thinking it was a pretty awesome week-end, more good news was waiting via the internet.  At the Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club agility trials, Ch. Kamgaard Kovered In Grey AX MXJ OF ("Grey") got a Time 2 Beat Q on Friday, JWW and T2B Q's on Saturday and QQ's in both Standard and JWW on Sunday.   WOW!  Beautiful runs with owner Cheryl Cramer on the double Q on Sunday below:

At the same trial, Linda Syner got a Q with "Summitt" (Ch. Horizon Raise The Roof -- a Kommander in Chief x Kameo Appearance daughter) who also recently received her VNE certificate from the Norwegian Elkhound Association of America.

And while all of the agility action was going on, "Adele" and "Marnie's" siblings "Jack" (Kamgaard Kodak Moment owned by Bill and Marlene Schlichtig) and "Rune" (Kamgaard Kryptic Kharacter owned by Cheryl Cramer) got reunited in a major wrestling match and enjoyed their week-end as well.

to Lisa and "Adele", Lynda and Jim and "Trac", Cheryl and "Grey" and "Rune", Linda and "Summitt", Bill and Marlene and "Jack" along with our thanks for making a great week-end even greater!!!

August 17th 

A blue day turned sunny with the news of "Adele" (Kamgaard Knobody Does It Better at Elvemel) winning the very first 4-6 month Puppy Hound Group she was entered in!  The show was the Wachusett Kennel Club in Marlborough, Massachusetts and the judge was Ms. Carolyn Alexander.

Checking the computer before bedtime, we found that Adele's older brother "Seth" (American/Australian Ch. Kamgaard Kutting Edge) had scored yet another Best of Breed and Hound Group 2nd "down under" at the Condobolin & District Kennel Club show under Professor Brian Corbitt of New South Wales.   Photo below shows "Seth" doing his happy dance in getting his group placement!

CONGRATULATIONS to "Adele" and owner/handler Lisa Peterson along with "Seth" and Craig Evans!!!

August 11th 

In loving memory

Specialty Best in Show American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kodiak Snowbear

October 23, 2003 - August 11, 2014

Rest in peace, "Kodiak"

August 3rd 

Lots of great emails, photos and videos this past week from happy puppy people as well as from those intrepid agility dogs "Grey" and "Rogue" practicing and qualifying here and there.  Music to our ears!

Another CONGRATULATIONS is due to the "Wonder Boy Down Under" ... "Seth" (American/Australian Ch. Kamgaard Kutting Edge) for his Best of Breed win yesterday at the Sydney Kennel Club show under Mr. Jean-Jacques Dupas of France.

Embarking tomorrow on an exciting adventure to

With 23,000+ entries over 3 days in 100 rings, it's just mind-boggling!  Looking forward to meeting with old friends and meeting some new ones as well!

July 26th-27th 

We can't get over how many congratulatory messages were received on the BIG 5-0!  For those who wrote "here's to another 50"... we don't think so!  Among the items received was this precious drawing from 11 year old Michaela Michaels of Chicago:

I think there is a budding artist here!  GOOD LUCK Michaela with your entry for the Take The Lead Christmas Card Contest for Kids.  We hope you WIN!

Winning?  Yes, winning another Best of Breed, 2nd in the Hound Group and Open in Group on Saturday at the Murrumburrah Kennel Club "down under" was noneother than American/Australian Ch. Kamgaard Kutting Edge ("Seth").  Judge was Mrs. S. Taylor of Queensland.

Not to be outdone by this, Seth's 3 month old baby sister Kamgaard Knobody Does It Better at Elvemel ("Adele") went to her first puppy match on Sunday at the Suffolk County Kennel Club and was chosen Best Hound Puppy in Match.  CONGRATULATIONS to owners Lisa and Ray Peterson!

July 22nd 

The following message went out this morning, already with lots of congratulatory responses:


                                                                     22nd July 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

Please join us today in celebrating the BIG 5-0!!! ... for it was a half century ago today that the very first Kamgaard litter was born, resulting in our very first homebred Champion.

Through the years it has been a road well-travelled, a continual learning process and one which has been nurtured by good friends the world over all along the way.  Please count yourself as a part of our success and raise a glass with us when and wherever you choose.

Thanks for the memories,

Maggie and Sally   

July 14th 

A busy few weeks here in getting puppies off to their new homes and it seems they have all settled in and are giving their new owners great joy judging from the reports and photos we have received.  Miss Purple Collar, a/k/a "Marnie" now Kamgaard Kintyre has stayed behind and is a great playmate for older puppy "Brecon."  Both have started handling class and love it -- lots of laughs here!

New letters and titles are always a good thing and CONGRATULATIONS go once again to "Grey" who completed her Master Jumpers With Weaves agility title at the South Jersey Agility Club trial in Pitman, NJ on Saturday with a super run.

She is now Ch. Kamgaard Kovered In Grey AX MXJ OF

BIG thanks go out to the many who have expressed concern and offered help in the aftermath of recent storms and flood damage at our store.  Lots of work to be done, but we'll get there in the end.  True friends are a blessing!

July 1st 


to all our Canadian friends.  Getting into the celebratory mood is Kamgaard Northern Silver Spirit ("Koda") who is from our recent Kobi x Kasey litter and has emigrated north of the border with Cathy and Eric Boyd, owners of the late Kamgaard Silver Skye ("Skye").  We hope this little guy will fill those big paws and live up to his reputation yet have his own distinct personality.  We know he couldn't be more loved!

While on the subject of super photos, we had to share this one recently sent by Christine Tilburg.  The celebration here is for the PACH degree recently earned in Agility by "Grendel" who is  now PACH Cimmerian J-G Beowulf's Bane RE MX MXJ MXPB MJPB OF, a son of SBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kommander In Chief.

CONGRATULATIONS once again Christine and Grendel!

June 13th-14th 

Sibling rivalry!  Boys will be boys and these two brothers are trying to out-do each other!

First to alert us to the good news was Claudia Holst reporting that Kamgaard Kut To The Point ("Gibbs") won an impressive Winners Dog and Best of Winners at the Northeastern Illinois Norwegian Elkhound Association specialty show under judge/journalist Sharon Sakson ("Paris") for a 4 point major.

The following day we had another super email from "down under" to say that American/Australian Ch. Kamgaard Kutting Edge scored another Best of Breed and 2nd in the Hound Group at the Yass District Kennel and Training Club/inaugural Neil Weeks Memorial International All-Breed Championship show under Mrs. W. Dines of New Zealand.  "Seth" was again handled by owner Craig Evans and this was his biggest point score yet !

CONGRATULATIONS, both and no fighting guys!

June 7th 

Can't get enough of all of that great "down under" news!!!

A nice Best of Breed and 2nd in the Hound group today for American/Australian Ch. Kamgaard Kutting Edge ("Seth") at the ACT Ladies Kennel Club under Miss Elaine Davies of New South Wales.

CONGRATULATIONS yet again to Seth and Craig Evans as they continue to move on as Australia's #1 Elkhound in the group system.

June 2nd 

An email received today from northern Ontario contained the sad news of the death of one of our all-time favorites, the beautiful Best in Show winning American/Canadian Ch. Wrathwood's Lita av Fanarok at the grand age of almost 17 years.  Related to many Kamgaards via her beautiful dam, American/Canadian Ch. Wrathwood's Alibi, "Lita" was bred to our SBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Klearly Proud ("Kubota") to produce our much loved Ch. Fanarok Kamgaard Kelsey and her multiple group winning brother American/Canadian Ch. Fanarok's Kunstverk ("Ruger").

To Teresa Cloutier we extend our sympathy knowing how very much Lita was loved and adored all these years.

Rest in peace, dear Lita...we will never forget you.

May 30th-June 1st 

CONGRATULATIONS go out to Claudia and Dan Holst and Kamgaard Kut To The Point ("Gibbs") who was Winners Dog each day at the Fox River Valley Kennel Club shows to add more points to his collection.  The Saturday judge was Dr. Alvin Krause and Sunday's honors fell to Mr. Luc Boileau.

New photos have been uploaded to the gallery of SBIS Ch. Kamgaard Kekekabic of her recent win at the Potomac Specialty and to the gallery of SBIS/UBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kameo Appearance of her recent win at the NEAA National Specialty... nice, nice!

May 17th 

Leaving Friday morning and driving through monsoon-like conditions, we arrived at our destination of Manassas, Virginia for the annual specialty show of the Norwegian Elkhound Club of the Potomac Valley held with the Mattaponi Kennel Club to be held the next day.

Saturday morning dawned bright, sunny and cool -- perfect weather for Elkhounds and Syttende Mai (Norwegian Independence Day)!  Judge for the day was breeder Mrs. Judy Silker ("Dunharrow") who found her Best of Breed in Ch. Kamgaard Kekekabic ("Kekka").  A beautiful day, a wonderful win followed by a sumptuous picnic with many Elkhound friends--who could ask for more?

Great thoughts driving home that evening of the many wins made here over the years and one in particular -- the very first of sixteen National and regional specialties won by Kekka's great grandsire, SBIS/UBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Windy Cove Norgren Wild Pride ("BS") in 1997... also on Syttende Mai!

May 3rd 

  A 3:45 a.m. start to one of the favorite shows on the yearly calendar, the Bucks County Kennel Club held along the beautiful Delaware River.  The weather was cool but glorious -- perfect for Elkhounds.  Substitute judge for the day was from the Emerald isle, Mr. Sean Delmar, President of the Irish Kennel Club.  He awarded Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed to our Powdermill Remember Me ("Poppy").   A productive meeting and brunch of the Garden State Norwegian Elkhound Club followed, so a good day overall.

Coming home there was more great news waiting from "down under" in the form of "Seth" (American/Australian Ch. Kamgaard Kutting Edge) having won his second Hound group, this time at the Albion Park Kennel Club Inc. under Mrs. D. Duffin.  Owner/handler Craig Evans reports it was a "very strong group lineup with a minimum of six high profile multi Best in Show winners."  Judging from a recent photo received of this youngster below, we can see that he is maturing beautifully

Mega CONGRATULATIONS and continued success!!!

April 24th-30th 

After a few brief days at home de-jetlagging, unpacking, repacking, grooming, van loading, etc., Maggie left on Thursday morning for the Norwegian Elkhound Association of America's National Specialty.  With Sally at home holding the fort down along with helpers Susan, Anna, Joanne and Little Sally on puppy watch, three dogs made the brief trip to Boxborough, MA for the big event.

Once there, I was surrounded by so many true "old gold" friends, I was immediately at home and one of the nicest gestures came in the form of a complete surprise visit by Cindy Bundy who came all the way from Wisconsin with Claudia Holst to celebrate the 50th year of Kamgaard's existence with champagne and Grand Marnier cake.  YUM!

Once unloaded and dogs cared for, Thursday night was the time for the Veteran Sweepstakes.  Everyone dressed in semi-formal attire to honor the golden oldies and our judge Vanessa McHugh ("Conrick") of the United Kingdom was especially sparkly in her sequined attire.  I got to sit this event out and watch with pleasure and pride many Kamgaard entrants who belied their veteran status.  Best Veteran Dog in Sweepstakes went to the Kriega x Ch. Kamgaard Kan You Hear Me Now son, SBIS Ch. Strom Jitterbug Jack.  Best Veteran Bitch in Sweepstakes went to his aunt, SBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kameo Appearance owned and bred by Pam Johnson, Linda Syner and Kamgaard.  Additional classes were won by SBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kommander In Chief and his daughter American/Canadian Ch. Graafin Klearly A MsChief Maker as well as BIS/SBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kristorn CD RA CGC.  Consistent judging and popular winners who have stood the test of time.

Afterward I learned that Kamgaard Katch The Wave RN OAP NJP finished both his Rally Obedience Advanced and Open Jumpers Agility titles at the NEAA trial in New Hampshire with three first place awards along the way, so he is now Kamgaard Katch The Wave RA OAP OJP.  Congratulations go to "Rogue" and Christine Tilburg.

The next day, breed classes were judged by Mr. Kjell Oybakken of Norway and as the day went on, it got more exciting all the time.  American-Bred Dog winner was Kamgaard Kaministiquia of Wrathwood, 4th in Open Dogs to Kamgaard Kut To The Point, but the big winner of the day was Horizon Rock Solid first winning his Bred By Exhibitor class and then on to Winners Dog for a big 5 point major to finish with all wins from the Bred By Exhibitor class.  "Rock" is by Kover Your Tracks x Kameo Appearance, bred and owned by Horizon and Kamgaard.

In bitches, the big overall winner was the Leeuwenburg/Birkenbilt entry Graafin Pawjama Party Girl Gone Wild Van Statton who not only was Best in Futurity, Best in Puppy Sweepstakes but Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed.  With Kamgaard on both sides of her pedigree, it was a notable win for her owners and breeder Cotton Silverman.  Class wins and placements for Kamgaard Kalistadora (1st Amateur Owner Handler), second in Bred By Exhibitor Bitches to her sister Kamgaard Kiamesha and a second in Open Bitches to our English import, Powdermill Remember Me.

The final day of judging saw Horizon Rock Solid placing Best of Winners, Kristorn winning her 10 year and over Veteran Class and an Award of Merit, Jitterbug Jack winning an Award of Merit as well as his half-sib, a Kan You Hear Me Now daughter receiving the Select Bitch award.

All in all a VERY rewarding National and our thanks and congratulations go to Team Kamgaard for showing some amazing dogs to the world.

Following the Kamgaard van home for a four day visit were the "Fab Four" -- Vanessa McHugh, Bryony Gray, Jenny Collier from the United Kingdom along with Wendy Sharman from The Netherlands.  One might think that after so many days immersed in dogs that there would be nothing left to talk about... NEVER!  And besides, all those lovely puppies needed cuddling!

Exhausted?  Yes!  Happy?  More than you can fathom!!!  :-)

April 10th - 20th 

The evening of April 10th found Maggie eastward bound from JFK Airport, landing at Heathrow London the following morning.  Once through customs and rental car retrieved, it was westward down the M4 and into Wales to stay with some of the most wonderful people in Elkhounds, Babs and Brian Stokes of the Kestos Elkhounds.  It was so refreshing to see green grass and flowers after our horrendous winter and the scene from the cottage is particularly wonderful now at lambing time.

The mission was to view a litter which we have been interested in on paper -- that of Kritiko High N' Mighty of Steldawn (a Kriega son and the top sire in the United Kingdom last year) to the Crufts breed winning Kestos Ziva (a Kriega granddaughter via her beautiful specialty Best in Show winning dam, UK Ch. Kestos Lyric, a full sister to the all-time Challenge Certificate winner, I Spy).  No disappointments here!  As I arrived at Kestos, five silver "peas in a pod" ran to greet me and I knew I would have my work cut out for me in choosing the promised pick bitch puppy.  After a great deal of study, the chosen puppy was determined;

Kestos Yankee Dreamer - a/k/a "Brecon"

Attitude to die for, sound, square and beautifully coupled, tiny ears, black eyes, beautiful color, great bone, correct feet and a face which would melt anyone -- VERY pleasing!  We bonded in the next few days while I was at Kestos and all too soon it was time to leave the Stokes and Brecon until later in the week.

On Tuesday I travelled over to visit and stay with good friend Alison Carew-Cox in the quaint village of Shrewley near Warwick.  One little touristy bit on Wednesday was to visit the William Morris home "Kelmscott" on a glorious sunny day and we both enjoyed that very much.  After arriving home that afternoon we were joined by Ann Bates from Devon and a shopping expedition the following day produced the third of the three muskateers, Ani Hicks from Stratford.  Lots of good times and a super dinner party on Friday evening ended a wonderful stay with the most gracious of hostesses.

Up early the next day and off to the nearby Coventry suburb of Ryton-on-Dunsmore for the annual Norwegian Elkhound Club of Great Britain's Championship show which was judged by breeder Margaret Deuchar.  Wonderful to see so many familiar and welcoming faces both two and four-legged!  I spent the day studying dogs and with Gill Bingham (Steldawn) and Anne Roslin-Williams (Mansergh) at my sides, you have to know there was a lot of good dog talk!  Dog Challenge Certificate winner was the Kriega grandson, Ch. Ithim Agus Suim ShCM with the Bitch Challenge Certificate winner and Best in Show going to the Kriega great granddaughter, UK and Irish Ch. Ennafort The One And Only ShCM.  "Pearl" was my winner of the Contest of Champions last year and since then she has matured beautifully and was moving better than ever.  Congratulations to the winners!

After the show I was reunited with little Brecon and with her crate on the front seat, we motored through some beautiful countryside down to our accomodation near Heathrow for departure the next day.  Lead broken and confident, Brecon fared beautifully on the trip home and was happy to see me and meet Sally once we landed at JFK late on Easter Sunday.  She walked around both airports like she owned them and strode into the house amidst a pack of oldsters as if she has always lived here.

...and while all of these travels were taking place, we had a special happening at home as well.  A repeat breeding had been done of SBIS American/Canadian Ch. Kamgaard Kut Above ("Kobi") to SBIS American/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kase In Point ("Kasey").  As the first breeding produced some lovely puppies, among them the young rising Australian star, American/Australian Ch. Kamgaard Kutting Edge ("Seth"), it was however an all-boy litter and we had hoped for a bitch from this combination.  This time we did the repeat hoping against hope for perhaps a bitch from this male-predominant line...but in fact got FOUR bitches and two dogs who are healthy, happy, uniform and look very promising at a young age.  Miracles never cease!

too few days home and off to the National specialty....

April 4th 

Kamgaard Koda Kann Kelly

(November 10, 2000 to April 4, 2014)

A sad message received here today from Butch and Sallee Kelly of North Carolina in that they had to say a final good bye to their beloved "Koda."  We have enjoyed hearing from them for so many years about Koda's antics and doings, made all the more amazing in that we have never met them and yet they have always felt like "family" right from the very start.

Rest in peace, dear Koda.

March 30th 

 Will this winter ever end?!?

We have to wonder!  After an uneventful drive up to Syracuse, New York in the morning, we spent a nice day at the Central New York Kennel Club show.  The trip home went without incident until half-way home we were met with heavy snow, ice and horrific road conditions.  Our normally two to two and a half hour journey turned into a five hour nightmare full of accidents, spin outs and ice coming down in sheets.

Arriving home safely late in the evening, we could finally smile over the 3 point major win garnered earlier in the day by Kamgaard Kaaterskill ("Rosie") as Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed from the Bred By Exhibitor class under Ms. Carol Reisman ("Kai").

VERY much looking forward to seeing green grass and flowers in the United Kingdom next week!

March 21st-22nd 


again to "ZigBee" who earned his Master Excellent Jumpers With Weaves title on Friday at the WI-IL Agility Group Trial under judge Christie Bowers.  In addition to this win, he recently earned legs #5 and #6 at the Greater Milwaukee Norwegian Elkhound Association trial toward his RAE title.  He is now

Ch. Kamgaard Katch The Buzz RE MX MXJ OF

and looks quite pleased with himself:

Leaving the snowfields here on Saturday morning, we drove to the New Brunswick Kennel Club show in Edison, New Jersey where it felt tropical in the sixties...  Woo Hoo!  Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed for a point went to our Powdermill Remember Me ("Poppy") under Mr. Jack Ireland of Canada.

March 14th-15th 

A phone call received on Friday from Kathleen Hamilton was a happy event.  By the tone of her voice, we knew something was good!  Calling from the Louisville Kennel Club show in Kentucky, she announced that "Kendrik" was now to be known as CHAMPION Kamgaard Koalition Forces as he finished his Championship with a win over two champions under judge David Samuelson ("Dashing") owner-handled!!  Big time thanks to Kathleen for your persistence and hard work -- it has really paid off!!

Still smiling the next day over Kendrik's triumph, we received an email from Australia with more great news.  Winning his first Hound Group at the Eugowra Kennel Club, Inc. in New South Wales under Mr. William Raine was American/Australian Ch. Kamgaard Kutting Edge ("Seth").  WOW!  Happy, happy owner-handler Craig Evans reports that Seth is maturing nicely and showing better than ever.  You are really becoming a great team!  Continued success!!

CONGRATULATIONS to both boys and their owner-handlers.  You make us VERY proud!!!

February 22nd 

A relatively quiet January and February have gone by and no shows to report on.  The shows in which Kamgaard dogs were entered during this time period resulted in almost all absentees due to weather or no competition.  Bravo to Dee Roberts who braved the elements getting to the Maryland Kennel Club show with Kamgaard Kalypso King of Dandee only to find that her competition didn't.  Another time...

During this time of no agility trials to speak of, "Grey" (Ch. Kamgaard Kovered In Grey AX AXJ OF) has been checking out a new discipline she thinks she might like to try one day -- the new AKC competition and title called Barn Hunting (see  Find a rat in a tube?  No problem!:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! to the following individuals who recently received their Versatility titles from the NEAA:

Kamgaard Katch The Wave RN NJP OAP

SBIS Ch. Kamgaard Kotton To Me RN

Ch. Kamgaard Kovered In Grey  AX AXJ OF

Ch. Sangrud Kamgaard Kolbjorn NA

We did manage to get to an eye clinic in between snowstorms early in February which resulted in first time CERF certificates for Kamgaard Kiamesha, Kamgaard Kaaterskill, Powdermill Remember Me and a re-CERF for SBIS American Grand/Canadian/Bermudian Ch. Kamgaard Kase In Point.  Also this month we were most happy to receive an OFA Excellent rating for Powdermill Remember Me.  Soundness in all forms is paramount here!

...and...of course the reason for a lot of this non-activity has had to do with the SNOW!  In one of the toughest and coldest winters we can remember, we have continually been bombarded with seemingly daily bouts of the white stuff coupled with subzero temperatures for long periods of time.

...but the dogs are happy and in their element.  The shoveled mounds in the yard are some 5+ feet tall and the dogs love to sit on top of them like sentries looking out into the woods for deer.

Condolences over this time period go to Claudia and Dan Holst on the loss of their Kamgaard Kindred Pride who graced their home for almost fifteen years.  Rest in peace "McHale"

Spring will hopefully be here soon along with the pitter-patter of some new little feet, green grass and shows once again!  Until then, we're still shoveling... One thing we do know is that we are

January 11th 

The first CONGRATULATIONS of the year to go Christine Tilburg and "Rogue" for gaining their Open Standard title in agility today at the Middlesex County Kennel Club trial with a first place.  Quote Christine "We're setting new firsts for me as I have never had a dog go through Open Standard so quickly!"  Start to finish in three shows in less than a month!!


"Rogue" is now Kamgaard Katch The Wave RN NJP OAP

January 1st 


Although we generally include the year's epistle with our last entry on December 31st, this past year there was just no time!  It seems we were busier than usual over the holidays, so just now getting to our yearly summary.  2013 was a bit of an "up and down" year -- the highs being wonderful and the lows, well, we won't go there!
Not a lot of shows were attended by the home team owing to health and business commitments, but we have to say a big THANK YOU to all of the Kamgaard dogs and their owners who did so well in the conformation and agility arenas both at home and overseas.  We closed out our books at the end of 2013 with 157 Championships and loads of new agility titles and we are so proud of them!  There would no doubt have been more, but it was not to be... but there is always next year and as Elkhounds only get better with age, no problem!
On New Year's Day we received the following super photo of young Evan Binder and his best buddy "Torvald" (Kamgaard Klear Trails Ahead) neither of which could quite make it to midnight to welcome in the New Year:
We wish all our friends a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!
Maggie and Sally

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