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Name: Ron Robertson
Date: 11/17/2019
Message: You have beautiful Norwegian Elkhounds. I got my first Elkhound in 1980, I love this breed. I'd appreciate info regarding the process of getting on a list for one of your next puppies. Thanks for the pictures. Ron (Thor) Robertson

Name: Peggy Cunningham
Date: 06/17/2019
Message: Norwegian Elkhound owner 42 years. Colorado

Name: Judy Lynn Wolfe
Date: 06/08/2018
Message: beautiful elkhounds - loved looking at all the pictures and reading about the dogs performance titles. would love to have one come to live with me

Name: Marcella Pelletier - FRANCE
Date: 01/25/2018
Message: We think you have the most beautiful Elkhounds in all of the world and would like to come and visit you this summer. I will contact.

Date: 05/29/2017

Name: Errol Flynn
Date: 05/16/2017
Message: Hey Maggie and Sally! Found your website! Love all the pictures of these beautiful dogs. See you two around town and until then, be well!

Name: Gary G. Skinner
Date: 01/15/2017
Message: Love the dogs. Next Elkhound puppy.

Name: Richard Bravo
Date: 11/30/2016
Message: I am very impressed by the absolute beauty of your Norwegian Elkhounds. I live in Northern New Jersey and have been a dog owner all of my life. I have researched this breed quite thoroughly and have reach the conclusion that I would be very interested in purchasing a pup from you . Do you have any litters available for sale ? Thanks and may God Bless your Norwegian Elkhounds !

Name: Annie Hudson Williams
Date: 03/01/2016
Message: I'm from Australia. Love your beautiful boy Seth. I appreciate the classic type of Kamgaard Elkhounds. Best wishes. Annie :)

Name: Harry Garabedian
Date: 03/01/2016
Message: I very much enjoyed speaking with you today. My wife and I are hoping that we can adopt a pup from you soon. Looking at the picture on you website with the elkhound on the beach looking at the water reminds us so much of the time we spent at beach with our elkhoud. Love to hear from you soon. 978-683-0904 Harry & Nancy


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